The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY - May 18th

That many orcs?

The party decided that they needed additional support to make sure that they could survive a large number of orcs crossing the river.

Headed back to Moria for training and finding additional adventurers. After several weeks of training the party was ready to venture forth again.

Traveling north back to the swamp the party ran into a Ankheg that sprang forth from the ground. Tried to bite and spit acid but was eventually taken down by the combined power of the Dwarven War axe.

That night the group was beset by a pack of wolves and two ogres. The ogres yelled in orc for the party to come out and join them. The wolves came rushing in but even in sleep wear couldn’t do much to the band of tough dwarves.

The wolves were dispatched and then the ogres finally came closer to see why their wolves hadn’t brought anyone out of the encampment. They soon realized that it wasn’t orcs they were facing but tough and experienced dwarf adventurers. They were quickly dispatched.

Continuing to the north the party found the river crossing with an abandoned boat and wagon and what looked like a combat of some kind. Following the path it was obvious that they were on the trail of a large band of orcs. After a day of tracking the dwarven band came up to where the orcs were encamped.

Plans were laid and the group tried to be as stealthy as possible. Crept up a rock and a great tarp was stretched out between poles and another rocky point. Tolbere ripped aside the rock and there below the group was a large gathering of orcs obviously in the middle of a ritual or heated discussion.

Spells flew, Tolbere launched into an attack and the rest of the dwarves followed in kind. Though there was a orc chieftain and a barbarian, they were all dispatched down to the last orc. Curiously enough a small group of orcs had dragon amulets while the larger and more heavily armed group did not.

The dwarves started to search when it became apparent that something large had been watching them the entire thing. The dragon Night Death made himself visible and discussed what the orcs had in mind. He pointed out that there was no dragon cult, he was fine with the Pax Draconis and the orcs were being misled by some shaman in the Doom mountains. The shaman seemed bent on sending these orcs to a full blown dragon cult or to thier deaths.

The dwarves pilfered all that the orcs had and decided what to do next as Night Death took wing and flew off…

Each player receives 1113 Experience points



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