The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY 8/23/2014

But not as old as the mountains

Iron Home rejoices

Dean – Bolthin Dwarf Cleric Kelea worshipper 13th
Zephyr – Arer Dwarf Wizard 11th
Will – Noden Human Ranger 11th
Jordan – Panic Human Druid 11th

NPC – Alik Dwarf Paladin 13th
NPC – Wilson Beholder

Experience for the above characters – 2350xp each

After recovering from fighting with a Jotunheim hill giant and Mokmurians General stone giant,
the party raises the dead, heals the wounded and trains as needed.

Helrin decides that he has had enough of the adventuring life and decides to stay at Iron Home. He will defend his kith and kin for the rest of his life.

Panic decides to call for an animal familiar and though successful, it meets a wandering beholder as it answers Panic’s call. It quickly became a tasty snack for the beholder which decided to see where the creature was going.

Wilson (as he became to be known) found a human druid in a pose of mediation and being very inquisitive, decides to ask him why he is here before eating him.

Panic responds that he is happy to have such a familiar and is rejoicing at the gods that gave him such a creature. Wilson, not taking to kindly to being called a familiar, charms the druid and makes him his pet. The druid tells Wilson that there are other adventurers and that perhaps he would like to meet them. Always happy to have free food, Wilson tells the druid to lead on.

A beholder that approaches the gates to Iron Home is not exaclty a happy sight and is greeted with alarm horns and bells and calls to arm the defensive works and weapon. Panic calls for soothing and peace and explains that this is his new familiar. Wilson blinks his eye and replaces the word with pet of the beholder and bears no one any harm.

Having a non attacking beholder as an asset, the party quickly comes up with a plan to assail the Hill Giants Steading using the surrounding mountains as cover to their approach and then Wilson’s disintegrate to cover the last two miles. it takes a few days of travel and then the final approach is used. Wilson uses his disintegrate to bore straight through the solid bed rock and comes out not more than a few hundred yards north of the Steading.

Unbeknownst to the adventurers, it has been well over a year since there had been any threat to the Steading (some strange wizard that popped into the middle of the dining hall and seemed to want to die) and an incident with barrels full of lamp oil which cause a slight singing to the watch tower, the giants weren’t especially vigilant. The watch tower faced south to where the lowlands are and the giant in the watch tower was peacefully asleep having had 2 kegs of elf brandy.

The adventurers decided that any prisoners would be beneath the Steading and so Wilson uses his disintegrate to bore at an angle and down into the earth. An hour or two is all it took to open a hole into the caverns. All that welcomed them was a pack of wolves that Panic, the druid, quickly calmed and had them stay.

Exploring the caves finally came across a large square cavern and there seemed to be stairs going up and several exits. One was a large wooden door made for a giant and the other was a steel door with the look of a prison. A couple of bugbears were silently dispatched and the steel door removed via Wilson. it was indeed prisons and the few bug bear guards were silenced. The prisoners inside were an insane merchant, a stone mason, an elf warrior mage and orcs. The prisoners told the adventurers that a halfling druid and a elven blade warrior had been transferred to the frost giants a few months ago. Ellisander thanked Bolthin for his release and pledged his service to Bolthin for a year.

it turned out that the orcs themselves are split in service to the hill giants. The harshness of serving in the Steading has turned many into open rebellion. The prisoner orcs knew the layout of the caverns and the adventurers agreed to release the orc rebels in exchange for the complete layout. The orcs didn’t know everything but could guess where Chieftain kept his most wealth.

Over 200 orcs are released and the rebels were turned loose. A few more giants and bugbear guards are killed and then the hunt is on for the treasure. After a few more disintegrates, a few manticores killed that were blocking the route to the treasure, the Chieftains hoard was found. include a diamond that was the size of a humans head. All the other treasure was gathered up and Bolthin lifted the huge diamond. An immediate roar and rumble was heard from above and from the stairs was heard giantish shouting.

Above the din of battle and the crack of thunder as lighting bolt and breath was flung about was the dragon words “WHERE IS IT”. A few giantish whimpers of I don’t know were followed by more lighting and stomping and sounds of huge logs being split asunder. The adventures argue a moment on how to proceed but best decide to leave as they had entered.

Getting the service the last of the orcs could be seen running into the forest and hills and the lurid gleam of a smashed Steading partly in flames with a colossal blue dragon, Xaphirexleihesgrm, with wings spread wide and claws and tail hitting everything in sight. Bolthin advanced and caught the dragons attention.

“I have what you seek, as for our pact that was made on the Throne of Gods, this is the diamond you seek.” Xaph leaps over to the party and bends his head down. “little one, you have indeed fulfilled our bargain. in return I won’t kill you or little bretherine for even thinking of taking My diamond else where. For that you don’t die. if we meet again, you will see your end.” Xaph takes the diamond and leaps and his wings beating the air into submission as he quickly gains height and soars into the night sky, the burning steading light flashing on his blue scales.

In among the treasure there were several written scrolls and a very long jet necklace with instructions on its use. As the party didn’t sustain any real hurt or wound, it was decided to lay the necklace on the ground and invoke it.

The party appears on a frozen snow ridge with mountains all around and nothing but a rock dolor ahead of them… the necklace is no where to be seen.

The following treasure was recovered from the Steading:

5 Azurite gems 500 each, 4 Malachite pieces, 100gp each
400 gp
31 Jasper pieces 10gp each
Gold necklace with fire opal 2000 gp
27 copper ingots 400cp each
11 ivory tusks 1000gp each
41 sapphire chips 100 gp each
13 ruby chips 500gp each
8 diamonds worth 1000gp each
17 turquoise and gold necklaces worth 100gp each
Obsidian box containing strange black metal necklace
scroll tube with map to Glacial Rift

earthen ware jug 4 potions of water breathing
Giant chain shirt
+3 BattleAxe
Potion of Poison
2 intelligent flaming swords that belong to Elissand



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