The World of Yaundae 3.5

The Village of Secath

Where did they go?

Please sirs, have you seen my father?
waif talking to the party at Secath


Oh, the population is rooting for you, no doubt. I think the population is more concerned about their missing kin folk… rumors are fast spreading about the 30 dead thus far….

-DM Dean

Please sirs, have you seen my father? waif talking to the party at Secath

If I may talk to the child. I will find out more about his parents. This hits home a bit seeing our responsibility of the locally displaced population. Also if I can follow up and find out if the small donation I made is helping the displaced town members any and what else we can do to assist. I would also like to put a few feelers out within the “refugee” population about any able bodied man or woman wanting to help with our resistance against the Giants. (An additional amendment follows to the previous statement.) I would also like to find a few bards and encourage them with a bit of coin for a positive revisionist history of the 30 deaths ( the courageous 30, or some other heroic sounding title.)from the displaced city folk. I will encourage them to elaborate the courage and resistance of the town folk. A “positive myth” to bring their spirits up. Fanfare for the common man!

The Village of Secath

Secath is finding room for the displaced of Hocath. There are 10 men at arms and a constable that patrol Secath. Secath is a larger village having perhaps 50 buildings to Hocath’s 30. It has a dirt wall with wooden palisade and 3 gates. There are a few able bodied men that maintain essential services such as blacksmith and the constable but most men were recruited weeks ago in the Baron’s small army which is further up the coast fighting off an incursion of orcs and bugbears. Dagris’ money helps but the issue is that Secath was never meant to house double its population and no one warned them that anything needed to be stockpiled or secured. The villagers are grateful that it can be used to purchase most of what the surrounding farmers are bringing in but with giant attacks there will be fewer farmers that will come to such an inviting target.

The Village of Secath

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