The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY 1/25/2014

Its giant slaying time

Heading north, the party ran into a hill giant war band

In attendance:
Dean – Bolthin – Cl -10
Daniel – Whurlond – Ftr/Tempest-9
Zephyr – Aurer – Wizard – 8
John – Kraegstadt – Ftr 7


Alik – Paladin – 9

The above players each get 5535 xp each.

After returning from the tomb of Malek the Necromancer, the party had trained and distributed the magic and treasure that had been gleaned from the sarcophagi in the 3 crypts that had been opened.

After fighting undead hulks and Weeps, it was a profitable adventure. The rangers will stay behind to keep on eye on this discovered cursed place.

As the party set out again, about mid day walking back to the tomb, giant voices where heard. The party prepared and around a bend in the road came hill giants.

190 pp, 4900 gp

Chalcedony (70 gp) Citrine (60 gp) Jet (120 gp) Malachite (10 gp) Rhodochrosite (12 gp) Rich Purple Corundum (700 gp)

Total value = 972 gp
Art Objects

Ebony Medallion (1200 gp) Glass Eye (1000 gp) Lacquered Wooden Statue (of an Elf Sorceress) set with Golden Yellow Topaz (4000 gp) Leather Belt with Copper Buckle (80 gp) Leopard Fur Shoes set with Jasper (800 gp) Rosewood Statue (of a Male Dwarf Bard) (2000 gp) Sable Vest set with Emerald (5000 gp) Silver Candlesticks set with Chrysoberyl (1300 gp)

Magic Items

Arcane Scroll (Expeditious Retreat (25 gp)) (Opposite effect or target curse) (total 25 gp) Arcane Scroll (Cause Fear (25 gp), Unseen Servant (25 gp)) (total 50 gp) Arcane Scroll (Alarm (25 gp), Remove Fear (50 gp)) (total 75 gp) Divine Scroll (Cure Moderate Wounds (150 gp), Summon Nature’s Ally II (150 gp)) (total 300 gp) Elixir of Hiding (250 gp) Gloves of Dexterity (+2) (4000 gp) Potion of Blur (300 gp) Potion of Owl’s Wisdom (300 gp) Wand of Acid Arrow (23 of 50 charges) (inscription provides clue to function) (2070 gp) Wand of Detect Secret Doors (20 of 50 charges) (Opposite effect or target curse) (300 gp) Wand of Slow (1 of 50 charges) (225 gp)



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