The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY - 10/19/2013

In attendance

Dean – Bolthin
Daniel – Whurlond
Zephyr – Arur

NPC – Alik

The above characters get the following experience 10,200

The adventure:

Once again, the Rearing Red Dragon was the place to meet. Rumors came back from the dwarven rangers that a tomb had been discovered in place of tangled boulders and old trees. Bolthin feeling the power of Kilea and his new found powers wished to see if this would be a challenge of his powers. After asking Alik, it was decided to brace the tomb and see if this placed can be cleaned out.

fade to black ……. there was a time 700 years ago… 7 of the 9 that ruled… a Wizards council that controlled the Tyrian Empire. The Emperor had died without a an heir and internal strife threatened to split the empire into small warring factions. Seven Wizards stepped forward and took the reigns of government. At first, the council ruled wisely and fairly. Then a shadow fell across the land. Darkness crept from the wild magic that still wasn’t fully understood. It reached into the Arcane Guilds. Dark magic. Necromancy.

The 7 of 9 that rules formed a cabal that used its magical leverage to take control. The Wizards became a fearful force and not only to the enemies of Tyre but to those that opposed from within. They ruled for almost a hundred years. And then a blood relative that was descended from the last royal came forth.

Bathed in Wild magic he found a way to harness it and use it and threw down each of the seven. However, not each mage was slain outright. Some fled to distant lands, some hid in rock strewn valleys and some sealed their tombs waiting for the time to come back and seize power.

….. a map to this tomb. Dwarven rangers found it a few weeks ago. It reeks of old magic and necromancy. Be aware of what it may contain.

After a days journey, the party came to the tomb in the mid afternoon. There were boulders and rocks strewn about and they bore faded runes that had no power but still put a chill between the shoulder blades.

Using crow bars and dwarven strength the doors on the East tomb were pried open. Sarcophigi were laid in the room and at the back stairs descending. Entering the crypt and up popped a black wraith from. Quickly dispathed. Two more met similiar treatment.

After a quick search then it was time to go down the stairs. A long burial chamber that stretched back 100 feet that was littered with bones. The party stepped quitely but as soon as there was life present, each pile of bones brought forth a wraith. And the battle was on.

With Bolthin turning the undead and Alik providing a bulwark against the physical attacks and Arur throwing fire balls, the group advanced the length of the hallway. Finally a Dread Wraith appeared to engage in battle. Soon, even it could not withstand the power of the group even though it brought Alik close to the brink of death.

The remaining wraiths fled and the chamber was open. Amongst the litter in the tomb there was assorted weapons and armor and a rod. Coins and gems in rotting sacks. There was also another set of stairs.

Descending those stairs came upon a room full of sarcophagi. One was open and contained nothing but rotting clothes. The other had a corner lifted. The crowbar came out and popped the lids. The ones that were not yet looted saw a small ornate red lacquer box that was encrusted with gems. Whurlond tried to pick it up and suddenly collapsed on the floor. Bolthin seemed intent on opening all of the other sarcophagi. After popping the the forth one, the statue at the back of the crypt took on a form of a fighter with blazing red eyes. After an abyssal blast roared through the chamber the party quickly back tracked and left this place of ruin.

The following treasure was gathered by the party:
2,491 gold coins
4 acid flask(s) (10 gp each)
alchemist’s fire (20 gp)
breastplate (200 gp)
4 half-plate (600 gp each)
2 holy water flask(s) (25 gp each)
medium masterwork bastard sword (335 gp)
medium masterwork dwarven waraxe (330 gp)
2 large masterwork greataxe (320 gp each)
large masterwork greatsword (350 gp)
medium masterwork heavy pick (308 gp)
small masterwork kama (302 gp)
tiny masterwork kukri (308 gp)
large masterwork mighty composite longbow (2 Str bonus) (600 gp)
medium masterwork shortbow (330 gp)
5 small masterwork studded leather armor (175 gp each)
2 large mighty composite longbow (
1 Str bonus) (200 gp each)
large mighty composite longbow (+2 Str bonus) (300 gp)
4 thunderstone(s) (30 gp each)

2,936 gold coins
achroite beryl (clear beryl) (272.3 gp)
andar (28.4 gp)
andar (75.5 gp)
bat cave jasper (chocolate brown to tan) (43.6 gp)
borax (yellow) (62.6 gp)
bruneau jasper (brown with ivory in spherical and oval patterns) (47.7 gp)
diopside (white) (7.1 gp)
elbaite (violet-red tourmaline) (95.8 gp)
fayalite (opaque green; found in masses, not crystals) (21.1 gp)
lilac spinel (purple spinel) (652.1 gp)
malachite (green) (10.1 gp)
mother-of-pearl (varies – inside of shell – usually irridescent and multiple colors) (143.7 gp)
mykaro (46.9 gp)
olivine (yellow-green to green to brown) (78.2 gp)
onyx (layers of various shades of red, pink, orange/brown and honey yellow) (115.4 gp)
ophealine (7.8 gp)
orprase (51.4 gp)
red tears (988 gp)
schorl (black, brown, or dark blue tourmaline) (86.5 gp)
sphene (507.6 gp)
sunstone (gray) (12 gp)
sunstone (orange) (12.8 gp)
water opal (clear and colorless with inside opal coloration) (1,193.7 gp)
yellow topaz (695.9 gp)
zircon (any color) (38.6 gp)
zoiste (gray) (116.8 gp)
zoiste (pink) (97.3 gp)
15 acid flask(s) (10 gp each)
alchemist’s fire (20 gp)
antitoxin dose(s) (50 gp)
2 banded mail (250 gp each)
breastplate (200 gp)
2 full plate (1,500 gp each)
2 half-plate (600 gp each)
4 holy water flask(s) (25 gp each)
large masterwork greatsword (350 gp)
small masterwork kama (302 gp)
medium masterwork longsword (315 gp)
2 large masterwork mighty composite longbow (1 Str bonus) (500 gp each)
small masterwork short sword (310 gp)
3 small masterwork studded leather armor (175 gp each)
large mighty composite longbow (
1 Str bonus) (200 gp)
2 large mighty composite longbow (2 Str bonus) (300 gp each)
medium mighty composite shortbow (
1 Str bonus) (150 gp)
3 tanglefoot bag(s) (50 gp each)

2,140 gold coins
opal (white) (1,022.4 gp)
clear spodumene (48.9 gp)
demantoid (green garnet) (153.1 gp)
fire opal (orange to red) (1,068.4 gp)
hambergyle (63.7 gp)
hessonite (grainy mass of garnet) (82.6 gp)
jade (any color, comes in masses and not crystals) (60.9 gp)
mynteer (38.9 gp)
onyx (white and red) (72.2 gp)
pale green spodumene (40.4 gp)
sinhalite (107.1 gp)
sphene (270.9 gp)
star diopside (141.8 gp)
sunstone (gray) (7.6 gp)
uvarite (bright green garnet) (454.5 gp)
wonderstone (tannish to yellow jasper) (11.8 gp)
zoiste (brown) (114.2 gp)
rod of cancellation (11,000 gp)



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