The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY - 11/23/2013

In attendance:
Dean – Bolthin -9 Such wonderful bread. Extra 75xp
Zephyr – Arur – 8
Daniel – Whurlond – 7 Thank you for cookies! Extra 100xp
Sam – Bolar – 5
NPC – Alik – 9

Each of the above get the following:
Treant undead – 3840xp
Fire Giant tracking – 800xp
The wreck of the merchant ship – 600xp

Whurlond and Bolar had heard that Bolthin and Arur had decided to and check out the Lich’s of the tombs once again.

Bolar and Whurlond came upon Bolthin’s and Arur’s camp a few hours after sunset. A good meal was enjoyed with drinks and a watch was set up for the long hours of the night. Autumn was playing out and soon winter would be upon the land. Bolthin said the Roflin had been summoned back to Moria where they would meet with him again.

As the temperature fell and clear sky blazed with stars, Whurlond and Bolar said that they had passed by the site of the tombs. It had been glowing a eerie blue light. The dwarves discussed it for some time and thenbegan thier watches. Those not on watch turned into the tent to get what rest they could.

Deep into the night a large boulder came flying out of thin air and smashed into the unawares Bolar. Bolthin, also on watch, saw trees and bushes moving in the direction of the tomb. The alarm was raised. Dwarves piled out of the tent to behold a being black as a starless night, with red glowing eyes and pieces of strange green bark on its black woody arms and torso.

The battle was started and the creature proved its mettle by flinging boulders and lashing out with its limbs. Its red glowing eyes were fixated on the Bolar who was a ranger. Bolar on his new animal companion. X’andar the dragonne, flew to meet the creature but it seemed almost impervious to being hit.

Alik and Whurlond charged into the fray and some hits were landed. The creature lashed about and each hit sent its fungus all over the dwarves and it burned and burrowed into the skin and drained dexterity. Arur then unleashed fire and lightning and the creature started to smoke and burn and crumble. Even though mighty magics were unleashed and Bolthin kept everyone healing at a great rate, Bolar was hit with both limbs and succumbed to the damage. After a few more rounds of battle and being hit by fearsome blows, it collapsed. After searching a few items were found in its woody remains.

Its treasure:

large black opal worth 2,000 gp
a cracked leather backpack containing a broken rock hammer and 4300 gp
+2 light crossbow of distance
a sealed pocket flask holding an elixir of the peaks that had Bolar’s name and engraved on it

The party recovered by morning with all spells and readiness for adventure. Heading back to the lich’s lair, it was found that the tombs were still sunken with no egress. It was decided to head back to Moria to get Bolar raised and get more information. There was no encounters returning to the city.

Bolar was raised by the temple after 5,000 of diamonds were purchased. Bolthin asked the Kilea temple elders if he could gain more information about undead. Gamlon, head priest of Kilea, let Bolthin know that even though most undead types are known, unique ones and ones that are created by the evil will of a necromancer are rare and unknown to those that keep such information. Until discovered, a turn attempt may be the easiest way to determine if it is undead or not. Gamlon used an augury that said the tombs would reset at next dark of both moons. Also, the tombs would no longer be accessible during daylight hours. And to remove the blot that they are would require slaying of the lich that created the tomb.

After recouping and resting and training, it was heard that a Fire Giant scout had come through the depths and killed a squad of Deep Gaurds trying to get into the city. The giant has been captured and was in the process of being interrogated when he managed to escape. Some say there was foul magic that allowed him to do so. There was a bounty for his death or return of the giant and the party decided to go after him.

Bolar tracked the giant’s movements for the next 5 days (+300xp) and he was tracked to rugged river back on the River Selomin. The river was wide here but in the distance could be see the deceptive white peaks of the Doom mountains that still contained orc, ogre, giant tribes, trolls and many other fell beasts.

As the party tried to approach without giving itself away, a loud rushing sound of mighty wings and getting within a few hundred feet, voices were heard, one large booming voice and the other a dark lisping voice that made each dwarf wince when he heard it.

Reaching the river bank, there was a fire giant, in armor with weapon and was struggling to pull a large boat into the river. Missiles flew and spells were thrown and then it was a general melee.

Even a mighty giant can not stand long against a well equipped party of adventuring dwarves. After the giant toppled, he was searched and his remains were disposed of. There was some papers in the Giants bag and after getting back to town, it described some of the defenses of Moria, mentioned an item called a dwarf bane and was addressed to the giants in the giant Kingdom of Geoff. in the large boat itself was found coinage worth 5,000 zachs.

Treasure from the fire giant
5,000 zachs
Mwk large platemail
Mwk large great sword
Large sailing boat

The dwarfs then uses their horses to pull the boat into the river and using Bolars sailor skill was able to pilot the boat upriver towards the city of Verot, known in the Empire as having a massive bridge over the broad Selomin river. Along the way Bolthin used his magics to search for any wrecks. He did find one, a larger merchant vessel that had been driven into shallow water and sunk.

Whurlond and Bolthin decided to investigate and plunged into the cold water and 20 feet down started to examine the wreck. The fore and aft castle seem largely intact though sails and main hatch had been broken and destroyed. Managing to get the cabin door open there were sahaugin inside and Whurlond dispatched one and the other fought for its life. Though it died quickly but it was able summing sharks, a champion and a sea troll.

The fight went back and forth but Whurlond and Bolthin prevailed. Two chests were salvaged. Afterwards the party piloted their boat the rest of the way to Verot.

The following treasure was recovered:
5764 zachs

adamantine mug with ruby inlays (3000 gp)

807 gp

2668 sp

carved oak statuette (10 gp) Looks like a miniature boat

emerald pendant on a gold chain (600 gp)

silver dragon comb with sapphire eye (1,600 gp)

Gem: iolite (60 gp)

silver and azurite bottle stopper (800 gp)
Small repeating light crossbow +1
Magic Armor: +1 light wooden shield
Magic Weapon: +2 dwarven urgrosh (sheds navy blue light)
Potion/Oil: potion of detect poison (CL 1)
Ring: minor acid resistance
Scroll: Wizard scroll (CL 2; Nystul’s magic aura, grease)
Wands: wand of enthrall (CL 4, 45 charges)
Wondrous Item: figurine of wondrous power (silver raven)



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