The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY - 11/9/2013

In attendance:

Dean – Bolthin
Ralph – Roflin
Zephyr – Arur

NPC – Alik

Experience for each of the above 250

After doing extensive training from all of the time spent recovering from the use of the Tarot Deck of Many Things, it was decided to again gather at the Rearing Red Dragon to quaff some spirits and decide where the next Adventure would be.

It was overheard that a near the Stony hills not far from Dragon Swamp that a strange gave yard and place of crypts was giving off strange blue glow at night. The party decided to go back as they had been there before.

The travel was that day by Orc that issued a challenge from the back of an armored rhino. He charged but was met by missile fire and magic spells. Even with a bullette joining in the Orc was quickly dispatched.

The orc was carrying masterwork axes and better than normal armor. He also had some parchments that were in cryptic and giantish. It was a contract that would pay 10,000 zachs for each creature slain on the list. It include the names of Bolthin and Arur. It was signed by a member of a fire giant council. it also mentioned that hill giant squad would be soon dispatched to follow up.

The party decided to continue to the tombs. There they found them eerily silent and even in bright mid morning sun they glowed an unearthly blue.

Deciding on the western tomb, it became evident, the east tomb was guarded by undead and the left was guarded by traps.

The party tried to enter and was met with iron grates and poison gas and contact poison. Managed to open several of the sarcophigi and grabbed items and coinage. The last one however seemed to trigger a massive gear that shook the entire building and it was decided to leave and go establish a camp 2 miles away from the accursed place..


238 platinum
Iron cube



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