The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY 12/20/2014

A long journey to the elemental planes

Can we truly be on a plane of water?

Dean – Bolthen Dwarf Cleric 14
Zephyr – Arer Azer Wizard 12
Will – Frost Human Knight 10
Jordan – Panic Azer Magma Druid

NPC – Ederherin Sindar Elf 6th Ftr / 7th Wiz
NPC – Alik Dwarf Paladin 13

The adventure thus far:

After testing themselves in fire and ice, the party has changed to become both fire beings and frost beings. The world has changed….

Using a Midden-guard craft that was designed for travel in the near and outer planes, the party spoke to a being on the fire and water elemental planes to gather items for their devices.

After returning the party ended in the middle of an ocean and nearly encountered a watery grave. However a dragon spotted them and after much mirth sent the party on its way.

After returning to Iron home a way was determined to contact the Elemental plane of Earth and another trade was made.

Experience for each – 3587 each.



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