The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY 3/15/2014

From Cathros west along the Elven Highway

Caravan ho! The party gathers itself in the early morning to set out west.

In attendance –
Dean – Bolthin – 12 Awesome bread – Get an extra 100 xp
Gabe – Elissar – 9
John – Rinner – 10 Good pizza – Get a extra 250 xp
Trevor – Roflin – 10 – A one time visitor. No experience

NPC – Alik – 10

Experience for this adventure only to those listed above – 1800 xp.

The morning breaks bright and clear as the small caravan gathers itself to head west along the ancient Elven Highway. it is said that in the early mists of time the elves created this road as they explored these lands. It has been in existence for several millennia.

Elissar gathered all who would journey and at the last minute the well traveled dwarf fighter Roflin joined to seek his fortune traveling west.

The caravan begins its journey moving through the gates and onto the highway. Mid morning and a group of flying creatures approached from the North. It was a flight of griffons and they land some distance away to speak with the group. The griffons determined it was a small caravan on a journey to the west.

Later that day a human was chopping down a tree when the party hailed him and caught him off guard causing the tree to snap off and roll down the hill. It was easily avoided the Herman the huntsman talked with the group and said he was hunting a behir that had been harassing those that were traveling along the highway. Joined forces for a short time and tracked down the behir. And so had a green dragon. It did not end well for the behir and it became the latest meal.

Herman was thank full and gave the party 1000 zachs for their help.

The caravan traveled on.

The next night during the second watch, the ground erupted and a purple worm exploded into the night air to try and eat all that was the adventurers.

The party raised the alarm and adventurers prepared to attack. The purple worm snatched up Elissar and prepared to swallow him whole when Rinner cast an amazing divine weapon spell and smacked the purple worm on the head. in a blinding flash the worm suddenly was completely petrified. Since it no long was able to defend itself, the mostly dwarven party demolished the worm and the next day there was the foul odor or rotting purple worm in the air.



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