The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY 4/26/2014

Mountains of Despair

There are strange things in these mountains

Dean – Bolthin – Dw Cl 12
Will – Nodem Hu Ra 10

Richard – Richard Hu Pa 10
Lawrence – Thevro Dw Rager 10
Kevin – Kain Hu Ft 10

NPC – Alik -Dw Pa 11
NPC – Jax – ?

Experience for the above adventures only = 850 xp

The adventure thus far -

After travelling in the mountains for a few days after meeting with Jax, the party comes into a very pretty valley with a water fall and a lake.

Oddly enough, there is the remains of a ship that is at least 1000 feet away from lake and it looks for all the world as if it had been dropped.there.

Jax had invited several new characters to join and Richard the Paladin and a Dwarf rager joins the party. Stepping out into the small valley, the sounds of giant voices is heard coming from the direction of the ship.

The party tries to move around the stern of the ship when 3 giants spot the party from the far end of the valley and proceed to run at the party shouting. The giants behind the ship answer and the melee ensues. Crashing in and out of the boat. Charging Giants and inside the ship an Ogre Mage was searching.

The giants are all slain but the Ogre Mage tries to harm the party in a significant way but after being charged by a paladin flees the battle. The party passes through the water fall and the human paladin, the dwarf rager and the human fighter disappear. Not to be seen again.

The following treasure is recovered:


Ring of Xray
Ring of Telekinesis
Dagger +4 Dancing (Jax takes all the gems that were found)
Heavy Crossbow flaming Burst
Tome of Understanding +1



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