The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY 6/14/2014

Stone giants amok

After resting from the last run in with frost and stone giants, and retreating from a gas filled room.

Dean – Bolthin Dw Cl 12
Jordan – Cyrus Hu Ro 10
Charlie – Hellrin (awesome dwarven name) Dw Bb 10
Luke – Jalari El Sc 10

NPC – Alik Dw Pa 11
NPC – Jax CDr ? ? (no xp split)

Please ignore previous experience count. The following is the correct for this adventure.
Experience for the above characters only = 1,750 xp

Upon opening the door of the magnificent mansion for the day, the party is greeted by the sight of a dwarf (barbarian most likely) recovering from a fall from above into one of the cells with the broken bars.

Exchanged pleasantries and Hellrin decided to cast his luck in with the party. Hellrin is a Mountain dwarf from one of the lost tribes in the Iron Mountains. Seeking to escape this trap laden and giant infested place the party back tracks the way it came and found the entrance unguarded. The exit was still blocked by a stone wall. Jalari and Cyrus both worked to open the trap and to fix it in place.

The party opened the 2 side doors and found large 100 lb mithril ingots stacked along the wall. The storage area previously entered only had an evil looking alter. Not touching the alter the party backtracked and decided to try the other door. After some struggle the door finally opened to reveal more ingots and at the back of the corridor was a very shiny construct.

Melee ensued and it became rapidly apparent that not only was it not a iron golem but something far more deadly as its slams wreaked deadly damage to Alik and Hellrin. The party quickly retreated.

After scout for some time, the party came across a champion troll, one that seemed to be more interested in talking to the party rather that battle it. The Bolthin quickly used his persuasive skills to have the troll join the party for a full share of treasure.

Finding another entrance the party entered and found another room full of stone giants. However these also seemed reluctant to attack (there was no rune carved giant with them) and after conversing found out there was a giant that had gathered the rather peaceful stone giants into war bands bent on spreading the giants conquest.

Much intelligence was gained as well as a map to Jorgenfist. The giants also said there was a raiding party headed toward unprepared city nearby. Might be worth stopping the raid to gain more intelligence and loot. (HINT)

It was decided to send the troll champion to the Sinister Steps to recon what the stone giants are doing there. In the meantime, the party teleports to Sand Point.



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