The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY 6/28/2014

Sandpoint Aftermath

Tornado? What tornado??? Oh… THAT tornado…

Dean – Bolthin Dw Cl 13
Zephyr – Arer Dw Wi 11
Charlie – Helrin Dw Bb 10
Will – Noden Hu Ra 11
Jordan – Cyrus Hu Ro 11

NPC – Alik Dw Pa 12
NPC – Jax CoDr ? ?
NPC – Troll Mountain ECL 14

Experience for the above characters only = 1029 xp each

The adventure thus far -

After stopping the fires and restoring order, the party makes sure to escort the wounded stone giant out of the human lands and not be the focus of wrath of the Sandpoint citizens. Other members of the party trained. Without trainers it was a hard train but quickly done. Within a week, the party was provisioned and ready to depart.

Sandpoint citizens turned out and bid the party best wishes in its travels. The Mage Tower would be notified of their deeds and there may be additional rewards if the party returns.

As the party set out through the heavily forested land between the Ocean of Mists and the Iron Mountains, the party could not help but hear the wounded giant’s voice as he described Jorgenfist and that Mokmurian is still gathering more stone giants to his cause. Along with the hill, frost and fire giants, the intelligence behind this all would have an army that would overrun any kingdom to the South. The minor Northern kingdoms would give way and Alfheim would be next.

The party decides to teleport to the Staggering Stairs that cut up to the Stone Giant plateau where they are to meet the troll mountain, slayer of giants. The teleport landed them at the base and a marching order was set up to ascend the stairs.

As soon as the party began the ascent, rocks started to be flung down and inflicts wounds. Then the giants coordinate and a landslide of rocks, debris and dirt cascade onto the party. As the party would have a hard time ascending the 400’ of the Staggering Stairs without taking significant damage it behooved Arer to cast a dimension door to the top taking some of the party with him. The troll simply leaps up the stairs and is at the top within 2 rounds. Noden and Cyrus have to climb.

A battle amongst dwarves, giants and troll takes place and troll shows his prowess in rending giants apart. With help from Helrin and Alik, the giants fall one by one. A storm is beginning to blow and black clouds gather. Bolthin casts an Acid fog but the winds whipped up by the storm dissipate it in a round.

Seeing the tide turning, two of the giants withdraw back to a stone building, one of the few left standing, and slam the doors. Alik destroys one of the doors with his hammer and troll rages into the building and kills the only giant there. The other giant is nowhere to be seen and with an open door in the back he manages to escape.

The group doesn’t have much chance to go after him as a huge tornado bears down on the group and it seemed wise to bar the doors, stone wall in place of the broken door and hang on till the storm passes.

Eventually Noden and Cyrus reach the top of the stairs and just see a very wind swept area. The rest of the party emerges and after the storm there is no way to track the giant.

Looting the slain giants and what was in the store room, the party moves on towards Jorgenfist. At mid-afternoon the party is spotted by a stone giant patrol of 2 stone giants and 3 dire bears. There was no surprise and the party moved into the fight. Trolled and Alik took out the stone giants and the rest of the party dispatched the bears. There were no enemies that escaped this combat.

The pass to jorgenfist is reached by evening and Jax puts up his door so that the party decided to rest and make plans to get into the fortress. Clearly, Mokmurian must be stopped.

From the Outpost at the top of the stairs -

3,306 sp
carved mammoth bone
carved ivory statuette of a much smaller mammoth z700
eye patch made from silk set with mock eye of black star sapphire and moonstone z900
mithral anklet z1000
Jeweled gold crown z4,000

Once Jax becomes aware of the crown, he looks quizzically at it, then quickly disappears into the library and returns. He says it is the lost crown of the tribe Iron Mountain dwarfs. There would be a hefty reward to return it, not to mention it would be needed to bring the tribe together again.

Treasure looted from slain giants:

z886 + z693 + z3258 + 8921sp

Wand of Hold Person (18 of 50 charges)

Rosewood Comb (z600)

Deep Blue Spinel (z400)
Turquoise (z80)

Dragonscale Tabard (z3000)
Dragonscale Talisman (z400)
Fox Fur Talisman set with Obsidian (z400)
Leather Belt with Bronze Buckle (z60)
Sable Shortsword Scabbard (z1400)

Arcane Scroll (Expeditious Retreat, Magic Aura, See Invisibility)
Potion of Bear’s Endurance
Potion of Heroism



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