A World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY - 8/10/2013

Are you a font or not?

In attendance:

David – Torbere +150 exp
Zephyer – Aurer
Gabe – During

The group again visited the Green Dragon in Dran waiting for the manticore hide to be finished. Still having to wait the party asked around in a few of the magic shops about a way to replenish the dwarven stout magical bottle.

One very old mage in somewhat resplendent but faded robes said he had heard that there were a on old wild magic font in an abandoned temple to the East. The party and the wizard exchanged a few drinks and the wizard gave them directions to the temple.

Setting out the next day it was an uneventful journey with one night spent with a caravan that was headed into Dran. The next day found them across the forest with a path that led deep into the woods. Pushing through the brush and down the track that was mostly a game trail the path finally opened and a few hundred yards away was a ruined building that could still be made out to be a temple.

The dwarves carefully moved up and Torbere was given flight to check the temple. The first fly over saw 7 statues inside. The next flew over took a few rounds and then there was nothing inside. After a few attempts at opening the door it finally was pulled open by its handle.

Inside was time ravaged temple items such as benches, cloth, altar stones and such. But no statues. Suddenly out of the trees gargoyles attack the flying Torbere and landed to take on Aurer and During.

After an intense battle the gargoyles were all slain and a font was discovered at the back of the temple. Going in to investigate further a foul creature seeped up out of the ground and all eyes and mouths and grappled and swallowed Aurer, During and Torbere beat on the creature until it collapsed.

A few things were found around the fountain and Torbere put his bottle into the font. After light flashed the bottle again filled with stout. The dwarves were happy.

2833 xp

Treasure -



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