The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY 8/9/2014

they might be giants

Is Jotunheim spelled with a Jot?

Gabriel – Eliisand Elf Ranger 9th
Dean – Bolthin Dwarf Cleric/Favored Soul 13th
Zephyr – Arer Dwarf Wizard 11th
Charlie – Helrin Dwarf Barbarian 11th
Will – Nodun Human Ranger 11th
Jordan – Human Druid 11th

Experience for each of the above 1250xp

After completing the downfall of Jorgunfist, the party made its way to the surface and tried to make sense of the library that had been found deep in the caverns.

The language was to exotic and was not understood and it was decided see if there was anything else in the area.

The party was scouting the area after checking with the dwarves of Iron Home and came back to the deserted remains of Jorgun fist.

As the party decided where to head a brutish hill giant appeared from the ground along with a well equipped stone giant.

The hill giant screamed in rage at the party and seemed to swim at them through the earth while the stone giant prepared boulders to throw.

The melee that erupted was short and brutal. Took down several party members and it seemed all would perish. Bolthin pleaded for divine intervention. Kelea saw one of her favored clerics being crushed by a Jotunheim giant and granted Bolthin a godly boon.

Bolthin wished all dwarves to go to Iron Home. Half the party was whisked to the recently reestablished Iron home and the rest of the party then was messaged on where to find them. It was beast to leave these viscous brutes and continue with the quest.

Iron Home now consists of 300 dwarves that were returned with Bolthin god boon and Bolthin receives another 1000xp. Those that had been slain were returned to life. The adventuring party would set forth again.



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