The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY 9/12/2015

... Demonwing is death....

… there can be no good when the abyss exists in the Nine Hells…

The adventure thus far…

Dean – Bolthen dwarf cleric
Zephyr – Arur azer wizard
Will – Walter titan avatar
Jordan – Face fighter shapeshifter

NPC – Edherin – elf ftr/wiz

After spending 3 days on the stern castle of the Demon wing and traveling through the Abyss, to Pandemonium and then through 5 layers of Hell, Demon comes to rest between to enormous icebergs. The wheel on the quarter deck stops moving and on the main deck on each side of the main hatch, two other hatches open and each produces a giant iron sphere that is at least 20 feet in diameter complete with port holes and a massive oval iron door.

However, Arur tests the walls finds that location spells will not move them on the top side of the ship. The other parts of the ship can only be accessed from inside.

The party descends through the hatch into the 2 cabins. The third door opens into a stone corridor and 10 more manes appear. The breath of Fece dispatches the manes but the noxious cloud is slow to dissipate.

The party goes into the side passages and manages to get the boats off the skeletons without destroying them. Transporting the boats to water groto and the party clambers into the boats and sets off. Taking the port passage finds them falling down a waterfall. Arer quickly casts feather fall. Fece shape shifts to dragon form and flies the party back up and they find the boats.

This time the starboard passage is used. The stone passage is slowly navigated with the oars until a mob of Bar-Lgura attack from a ledge above the water. Arur casts a acid fog and the party floats past. A 15 foot floating platform with a lever intrigues the party and Walter trips the lever. Load grinding noises are heard and from out of the water arises a huge demon with bull features.

The party launches into attack mode and the demon lashes out and stomps. His fists smash Walter into a bloody pulp and his stomp creates a reverberating earthquake that destroys the boats and causes the water to swell back and forth.

The remaining party members try to force there way through a door and then knocks on it. It opens and the PCs are dragged through the door into the arms of Lilitus. Arur and Edherin fail their saves against the wills of the demons and begin to do their bidding.

Bolthen and Face fight the Lilitus and force the demons back into another room and out of reach of the Groristro. Enough damage was done that they flee and take Arur and Edherin with them. And since the Lilitus don’t want any of the PCs on the ship, they send them back to Khazadum.

Face and Bolthen try to explore, find a cambion that hits them with a force wand but is quickly killed by Face’s breath weapon.

The grate that the cambion was behind is merely rooms that house guests of Stroath and Demonwing. The rooms are empty.

Face and Bolthen prop the grate closed and hole up in one of the guest rooms. But alas, this is a ship. And the crew knows exactly where Fece and Bolthin are. And they can teleport at will inside their own ship. That means that there is still 6 Bar-Lgura, 2 Lilitues and a Goristro that can teleport inside the guest chambers and fight at will. There will be no rest, no regaining of spells. The demons will come in, fight for a round or two and then teleport out. There is no connection with any other realm from here other than with a plane shift or a gate spells.

After Face and Bolthen realized this is simply a death trap a vision appears before Bolthen.. a miracle can do amazing things… Bolthen sees Kilea appear before him… My servant, My son, there will be no rest here for you. Even if you managed to get back out into the main area of the ship the next section is guarded by a Forbiddence spell and you are far below the level of the caster of the spell. There is no need to stay here. As owner of the Demonwing you can always summon it again… With this small window of opportunity I can do two things. Bring you back to the temple in Khazadum and I can seal the Temple of Nehoed for a year and a day against any further hellish attacks. That will give you time… accept and return… or stay and decide your own fate.

What will it be?

Notes – Will, it does take a full week of game time to reform you. The Titan does have other things on his mind… or in it.

You will no longer have any Templar abilities at all. You are now a full avatar. I will send new stats for your human form.

Back to Demonwing – The dwarf woman of compassion and hearth and home smiles and nods. Another vision to Bolthen and Face of a bubble of pure good surrounds the temple that shows signs of being torn asunder. For a moment, all the hellish attacks cease and the Temple dedicated to human and dwarf relations seems pure white and unblemished.

Then the fury of hell redoubles and though the sphere easily withstands the attacks, it becomes tarnished and it is obvious it will not last more than what Kilea has spoken.

She then turns her attention to Bolthen. She says it will be brief and waves her hand. The color and then life drains from Bolthen and he slumps to the ground … and then vanishes. And he then instantly appears next to Kelea. He has been killed but all the power of the abyss and hell cannot stop a soul shriven from its mortal coil to rise to its final resting place to face its goddess. The vision of Kelea flickers and she speaks to Face in a soothing voice. I cannot maintain this link any longer. Face, you can come with me. Forbiddence will stop your plane shift. You won’t be able to ascend. Join me and you will be unique to your kind…

Face, you have but a moment to respond…

Kelea smiles again and the same happens to Face. Stiffness, weakness, collapse and then death but not before Face was outlined in golden light…

Bolthen and Face are now in the presence of Kilea. She says to each in a melody of voices that includes all the female aspects of dwarven kind. Immense joy and immense sadness resonates through her voice and moves both Bolthen and Face to joy and sadness.

Bolthen, you are much beloved and respected here and your actions are closely watched… the only way to remove you from that death trap was to destroy your mortal shell and then bring you to me. The same thing resonates to Face as well. you will both be reborn and sent back to the prime material plane. you will both be as you were but anew in age. All will be the same except you will are now of the type ‘Celestial’. As you continue to advance in levels you will start to gain celestial benefits. Now it is time for you to return as any longer would make your stay here permanent. Kilea looks at Face… and says perhaps you should use the name Tianshang…. celestial dragon…

The vision fades and Bolthen finds himself standing before the edifice of the temple of Durin in Khazadum and Tianshang Face is standing just outside the gates to Khazadum….

Experience -

Bolthen – 5000
Face – 4000
Walter – 6000
Arur – 4000



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