The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY 9/6/2014

It is SO COLD here

“Ice burns, and it is hard to the warm-skinned to distinguish one sensation, fire, from the other, frost.” ― A.S. Byatt

Dean – Bolthin Dwarf Cleric 13th
Zephyr – Arer Dwarf Wizard 11th
Jordan – Panic, human druid 11th
Will – Nodem human ranger 11th

NPC – Edherin Sindar Elf ftr 6 / wiz 7
NPC – Alik Dwarf Paladin 13th

Experience for the above listed characters – 1675xp each

ADVENTURING NOTE: ruling on Fire Elemental in ice cave
ADVENTURING NOTE: Iron Home dwarves have lots of information about frost giants.
ADVENTURING NOTE: A creature protected by endure elements suffers no harm from being in a hot or cold environment. It can exist comfortably in conditions between -50 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit without having to make Fortitude saves). The creature’s equipment is likewise protected.

Endure elements doesn’t provide any protection from fire or cold damage, nor does it protect against other environmental hazards such as smoke, lack of air, and so forth. such as slippery floors and white out conditions.

The adventure thus far:
Stepping into the metal loops of the strange metal and muttering the words there is a wrenching of time and space and one almost feels as is every bit of being is torn from oneself a small bit at a time.

The adventurers find themselves on a windswept and deep snow ridge that is surrounded by forbidding mountain peaks. All is white here and the ground is deep with snow and the wind howls and swirls around each character seeking to enter any crack to rob the person of warmth.

The temperature is 0 degrees here at the rift and the visibility is 150 feet at best. The wind gusts to over 30 mph and ground is treacherous covered in deep snow and ice. Caves and caverns will have ceilings from twenty five to forty five feet, while tunnels and passages will be from twenty to thirty feet high.

It is in the cold forbidding area that the adventurers arrive. A search is initiated and a cave about 100 yards from the frost road is found that shelters from the wind and seems to be warmed from the internal fires of the mountain. It is covered in dust and some moldering pieces of leather and wood. Maybe 20 or 30 years ago someone or used this cave but no one since.

After examining the cave the party sets out to find more of the local area as the map that was retrieved from the Steading shows it is near. Stepping outside into the howling winding and snow, the party starts to advance when the ground starts shaking and a below of a horn is heard cutting through the sound of the wind.

It is 2 frost giant tundra scouts leading woolly mammoths up the snow ridge to the Rift. Even in the blizzard conditions, each party sees the other and the battle commences. The blowing snow and treacherous footing makes it hard for the party but Bolthin and Ehderin and Arer unleash holy flame and fire balls that cause huge burns to giant and creature alike. Alik tosses his hammer to good effect and each giant scout dies in his saddle and the mammoths go beserk and either die from wounds or falling off the ridge down hundreds of feet of the mountain side.

Then the party recovers a bit then proceeds to slowly go down the steps and ledges of the western wall of the Rift. A opening in the ice wall is a cave. Stepping from the wind and snow into the stillness of the of the ice cave The first cave entered was occupied by yeti. The party confronted them and killed them all even though the biggest one had blue cold longsword that it tried to use. Treasure was found and taken. The party continues.

A cave full of mist was passed. Another cave seemed to have giant cats in lair and the party passed on that one. There was another down leading set of steps and the party went deeper into the crevasse. The wind increased and the snow was blowing and falling making visibility even harder.

After struggling down the incline and jumping down giant sized steps, the bottom was reached but visibility is at best 30 feet here and if anything the wind blows even more fierce.. Slowly making there way the party is ambused by 2 Rhemorahzs the proceed to swallow two of the party. Noden and the druid. The rest of the party manages to kill the beasts before they are consumed by the digestive process.

The party decides that a magic rope trick won’t be noticed here amongst the deep snow, howling wind and rocks. The party rests for the day by casting a Rope trick spell. Even though the party is able to rest, several times during the night the space shakes…

Treasure thus far:

11 ivory tusks, each weigh 500 pnds worth 800 gp (thats 5,500 pounds of stuff.)

Longsword Frost brand +3
Boots of the Winterlands (yes, the boots changed once the party leaves the Rift)



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