The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY 9/20/2014

... I have a bad feelilng about this...

Blizzard – 30 feet of visibility with 35 mph winds

Dean – Bolthin Dwarf Cleric 13th
Zephyr – Arer Dwarf Wizard 11th
Will – Nodem Human Ranger 11th
jordan – Panic Half orc Druid 11th
Paul – Gimble gnome wizrd 10th
Steve – Thoromir dwarf ranger 10th

NPC – Alik Dwarf Paladin 13th
NPC – Ederherin Sindarin Elf 6th Fighter 7th Wizard

Experience for each of the above – 1100 xp each

ADVENTURE NOTE: Fire Elementals are summoned from the Elemental plane of fire. They have cold vulnerability. They would take cold damage. And they can’t cross water, including ice.

ADVENTURE NOTE: The dwarves that were prisoners says there are many more prisoners of the frost giants. This frost giant lair includes their own spell casters and have ice constructs and other fell ice creatures at their disposal. Tread very carefully.

ADVENTURE NOTE: The boots are boots of the Winterlands. They changed as soon as the party left the Rift.

The Adventure thus far:

The adventurers come out of the rope trick to the same swirling snow that they had left behind. Perhaps 50 feet away there was sounds of metal and talking. The adventurers find a ice dome that the rhemorhaz had as their nest. Those inside, hear the party outside and look out. And thus the adventurers find Gimble and Thoromir that had been held capitive by the polar worms.

They had come across a sword and a ring left by a not so fortunate adventure whole bones looked cracked and split and the rest had been feasted on by the polar worms. Following the wall of the rift the party runs into a pack of winter wolves that was mostly dispatched by a fireball and few missile weapons.

A boulder from above came down and hit Nodem on the head and the party knew it had been discovered. They quickly moved out and no more boulders came their way. They stopped to search an alcove and another boulder narrowly missed a party member. The party moved on.

Deciding not to trek out into the middle of the white out conditions in the center of the Rift, the party heads back up the ledge that lead them down in the first place. Navigating a particularly difficult giant step. Bolthin lost his footing as did Alik and though Noden was able to stop Alik from going over, Bolthin was unable to be stopped and fell hundred feet back to the bottom. He took damage but survived.

Not having attracted the attention of any of the frost giants that where on the look out, the party made it all the back up to the main ledge. The party boldly entered an ice cave marching deep inside without sending anyone ahead or even listening. The eerie green light from above filtered into the cave but the ice floor still made walking treacherous.

The party rounded a corner and ran into four frost giants that seemed to be waiting for them. Melee erupted and fireballs, scorching rays, acid fogs ice boulders, flew across the cavern and more frost giants poured into the cavern. Four giants succumbed to the combined fireballs, lighting bolt and scorching ray and acid fog attack but in the process Noden fell mortally wounded by an ice axe. The party came to the realization that they were surrounded and trapped in the cavern.

A plan was quickly devised with the use of a portable hole and Arer transported the party back to Iron Home. Nodem as reincarnated and came back as a snow elf and decided to retire from active adventuring and be a ranger for the Iron Dwarves.

The party trains and rests…
Bolthin goes up to 14th level and spends 7 weeks training. There is a cleric of Durin Aule that has come to re-establish the temple in Iron Home.

Treasure -

Bastard sword +3 Frost Giant slaying
Empty ring of 3 wishes
2316 gp in a giant bag

Several pieces of parchment that indicated that this group of 18 frost giants was to go on a raid into the neighboring kingdom that wasn’t controlled by the giants.



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