The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY - Adventure of April 6th


Adventure on April 6th

The descended back into the depths after first entering the ziggurat and continue plumbing its depths. The first room had been about the columns and figurring out how to get the doors open.

Going back and reopening the doors found two rooms with golems in each. The party first tried to enter the room full of mud. In the mud were two clay golems that ambeled up to th party and attack. Frederick anchored the attack along with several other party members. With his rhino charge Frederick attacked and damaged the first clay golem. It in returned focused all of its attacks on the rhino. Blows were exchanged and in the middle of the combat one clay golem landed two blows that broke Fredericks back. He died on the spot. Rhino #2 was gone. Finally the clay golems succumbed to the combined party attack and fell apart.

Additional rooms were searched and a stone golem was attacked and dispatched as well as several bone constructs. A large treasure room was emptied.
The second floor presented many undead but the party managed to dispatch each of them. Several more items were found. More undead killed. Up another set of stairs.
A room with a bone devil in it that was quickly dispatched. On the other side, the lich. Kelbrie.

Calin’s augury indicated that it would not go well if the lich was attacked. The lich did talk and wanted his necroship back. He was attacked by drow but they barely managed to make off with the ship. The lich did offer to tell the party how to operate it if it was returned. The party would not agree to his terms. The party left the lich’s lair and proceeded back to the top.

At the top, Dagris was left to guard and the vigilant Wenarus had found that a Wizard had inquired of the elves for adventurers that would be available to help his village as they were the victims of giant attacks. The party agreed if the Wizard would help them clean out this Drow’s nest. Agreement was reached and the party quickly descended into the depths.

Another cavern was followed and found a trail of wreckage leading to several areas of green glow. Dead drow and deep gnomes speak of a struggle for something large that seemed to careen off the cavern walls. There wasn’t much on either though the gnomes had long brass rods pouches of strange round lead pieces and little paper sacks. One of the pouches was emptied out onto the rough rock floor and exploded! The party took and damage and decided to take what they had and retreated out of the area. Moved to another cavern. Down its winding tunnel led to a what looked like a war had been waged. Blasted cavern walls. A rock column tower had been shattered. The party entered but there were more bodies and little else. A few things were found. The party moved deeper into the cavern. Some areas of green glow were avoided and a cavern mouth was completely blocked by the green glow was avoided by the party.

Deeper into the cavern and a blasted drow temple was found. Grimlocks had already sacked the place and were in the process of completing its destruction. A meal was shared by Calin ( extra 150 xp ) and it was thought that the drow priestess might have hidden more treasure out in the pool outside of the temple. Investigating it was determined that a black pudding inhabbited the pool. An elemental was summoned to attack and then Gunnar decided to try to use the pouches at the pudding. It simply fell into the water. Gunnar then threw the remaining pouch at the ceiling over the pool. A large explosion ensued and the ceiling came down on the pudding. After the collapse the earth elemental was used to retrieve the treasure beyond the pool.

The party then moved further on and entered an area of magma and steam. It made seeing anything at a distance almost impossible. But continueing on beyond the wall of steam the party came to a short square tower with no features. After many search attempts a door was found and egress was made into the tower. More scene of carnage. Undead ogre zombies standing over dead bodies. Finally on the third floor they found a clearly insane drow in a laboratory pouring over a portfolio of notes. He ranted and raved about what he thought he saw and launched an attack. After a brief battle he was killed. The portfolio turned out to be notes about the necroship. It is obvious to be useful it has to be used in conjuction with other books. It was decided that Dagris at the top opening and the party head out.

During the rest period a strange dream comes to Elissandra:

One month ago, the renegade drow House Sorethin stumbled
across an ancient ziggurat in the underdeep. After exploring
the perimeter they concluded it belonged to a human lich of
great power. They reported this information back to their
matron and the family wizard, Camber Sorethin. Together with
the House priestesses, Camber devised a plan to assault the
lich’s ziggurat and loot it of any worthwhile magic, which they
would subsequently use against head of the drow force Druxizzela.



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