The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY - June 1

Buffalo anyone?

The dwarf band was becoming a dwarf company with figther, paladin, ranger, cleric, wizard. The Stone Guard of Moria was taking notice and it was with some anticipation that they watched for the dwarf party to return after each of its outings. Bringing back proof of dead orcs and ogres also brings with it a certain amount of attention.

A larger band of dwarfs sets out from the Gates of Moria in the Mountain of Moods. A tough band if ever there was one. The afternoon of the first day finds the dwarves well on their way. Late in the afternoon what sounded like thunder filled the hills that the group was traveling through. A look to the west and the setting sun sees a large dark blot that quickly filled the western horizon. It soon turned out to be a massive herd of buffalo that was stampeding.

The dwarf ranger quickly found a large rock outcropping that could accommodate the entire party and shelter Bill the pony. As the herd approached the sharp eyes of some of the group saw what was causing the movement of the buffalo… wolves. The herd grew closer and the party watched aa the wolves worked their pack tactics and brought down 2 buffalo. The dwarves discussed this amongst them selves and the idea of fresh buffalo meat sounded good.

The herd drew night the rock and several archers in the group let fly arrows and bolts. A buffalo went down at the back of the stampede. Within seconds 2 more wolves were on it tearing out its throat and making sure it was dead. A shouted warning to frighten off the wolves resulted in one of the wolves standing up on its hand legs and laughing at the dwarves. A quick discussion amongst the dwarves and it was decided to generously let the wolves have the prize.

The rest of the day passed and the party found a grotto to settle into for the night. At the last watch a hippogriff descended on the party as it had picked up the scent of the pony. The party quickly hailed the hippogriff, known in common as Skybeak, and talked with him at length. The hippogriff told the party that he had come across a keel boat wreck in the river that the group was heading towards. Skybeak said he would divulge the location if the party would let him dine on the pony. The dwarves quickly said yes. Skybeak dined and then laid out the location of the wreck.

Early in the morning a ankheg attacked the party but even though it came up out of the ground close to the dwarf paladin it missed and was quickly dispatched. Mid afternoon found the dwarves trudging along the riverbank and the wreck came into view. It was indeed a keel boat with no signs of anyone aboard. It was also all black.

The dwarves clambered aboard and it was obvious the boat had suffered much that caused it to wash up on this rocky shore. The hold had been shattered and many of the crates and chests were smashed and the contents strewn about. There were still 6 that were intact. Quickly the doughty dwarves retrieved them all and without pony staggered under the load away from the wreck as quickly as they could.

The rest of the day passed and a camp was set. In the first watch movement was spotted at the edge of the camp. The party was roused and the dwarf wizard saw the humanoid at the same time it spotted the dwarves. It looked like a dark elf. Spells were cast. The elf was unaffected but two dwarves quicky fell to the ground. The next round the dwarf wizard put a bolt through the elf’s mouth. Seeing the dwarves rousing quickly and being outnumbered and unable to cast spells effectively he quickly withdrew.

This gave a rise to a loud and boisterous argument amongst the dwarves. Go after the wounded dark elf or continue to Moria in the Mountain? Though the Paladin wanted to track down the dark elf and perhaps others of its kind, their number was unknown and the party was within a good 10 march of the city. Back to Moria it was with the assorted treasure.

6 chests – 3 filled with glass, 2 with metal, one with cloth and papers.
the papers were in drow and were turned over to the Stone Gaurd and temple elders.
The others contained gold and potions.

Everyone recieves 300 xp.



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