The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY - May 11th

Dwarves go marching one by one

Back in the Moody Mountain, also known by the Dwarven name of Moria, the three took a week of time to make sure they rested and repaired from the fierce battles that they had had with the orcs.

They met another dwarf, a member of one of the lost tribes from the Kingdom of Cauda. These three decided to engage in a traditional game of dwarf rock. A night of ale drinking and then in the morning it was time to head off. Late in the first day of travel ran into another group of orcs. They looked as rag tag as several of the other groups but were traveling further south from the edge of the Stygian Swamp.

Little did the three know that this group had become lost. They had no idea that they were heading in the wrong direction. They ran directly into the group and a fierce melee ensued. A sleep spell from the dwarven mage put down half the group and the fighters quickly knocked down the rest. The two orcs that were sleeping were then bound and one was awakened and was asked questions. The dwarves did not like the answers the orc was giving and they proceeded to cut his leg off. The orc then just hissed at them and called them ill begotten things that had sprung out of the earth. The dwarves then woke the other one in time to see them kill the other orc.

The last orc seemed to be more cooperative and gave them some information about orcs that were coming down from the Doom Mountains as rumors had been spread that the Black Dragon that was there would be the one that would lead them to greatness.

The 3 dwarves decided to head back to the Moody Mountain, dwarven city of Moria and take the one orc back for further questioning. The Captain of the Guard Kili met the group and had the orc ushered to the temple district for further questioning.

The party enjoyed the night back in Moria and then headed back out again. Several more orc groups were encountered along with one ogre. The party dispatched all of them and on the last group found a map on the ogre. It showed where a temple was in the middle of the swamp and the route the orcs were taking as they came down the river.

After that battle the party headed for the river crossing. It was there they decided to wait for any other orcs that may be foolish enough to cross.

Dean, Zephyr and Adam each receive 975 experience points.



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