The World of Yaundae 3.5


...lads, we need to find another way

Sure we can take on 20 frost giants again

Dean – Bolthin Dwarf Cleric 14th
Zephyr – Arer Dwarf Wizard 12th
Jordan – Panic Half Orc Druid 11th
Paul – Gimble Gnome Wizard 10th

NPC – Edeherin Grey Elf Ftr 6 / Wiz 7
NPC – Alik Dwarf Paladin 13

The adventure thus far:

The adventurers pass the time in Iron Home while training takes place for those that have advanced. The King of Iron Home delivers a letter to the adventurers that for taking advantage of home and hearth in Iron Home, the King requires the adventurers to free the prisoners from the frost giants and fire giants. Those that have been driven from Iron home will be returned.

The party explores the surrounding area. During the seven weeks of training there is a steady stream of iron dwarves that come to Iron. Frost dwarfs, mountain dwarfs, hill dwarfs all make there way back to Iron Home.

The adventurers gather themselves and teleport back to the glacier. Instead of the one menhir there are now three. The entrance to the glacial rift is an hour march to the north. The party trudges on in the blowing snow. Even with Endure elements cast on each adventurer the deep snow and ice makes everything feel cold.

The entrance is found by a large blue ice pillar that glows. The party gets withing 60 feet and a lightning bolt flashes out and strikes Arer. Bolthin heals Arer and the party skirts around the ice pillar and starts the descent into rift. Snow and ice and steep slopes and giant steps is tricky and Bolthin and Alik loose their footing and slide off the steps. Alik is caught before sliding off. The party finds the steps to the bottom and rejoin with Bolthin.

After some looking around the party pushes open a large boulder. The ice cave has two branches. The main one leads to a storage area with frozen sides of meat including humanoid. With nothing else to be found, the party goes to the other branch. And right into a cave with 4 frost giants waiting for them.

The battle begins, fireballs and melted ice and fog. The battle surges back and forth and after fending off some of the giants the party tries to go back to the ice ledge. An ice golem attacks and lumbers into the party swinging huge ice fists. It is slowly whittled down and destroyed. An ice elemental comes up from behind the party and attacks. Gimble tries to fend it off but it is overpowering. Bolthin then returns and banishes the elemental.

Trying to get out at the passage more frost giants show up. More battle and then cone of colds cuts through the mist of more fireballs. A wind starts to whip through the first cave. Then a ice creature that looks like a woman shows up casting spells.

Gimble tries to get out onto the ledge to assail the attackers but is hit and swept off the ledge. He feather falls to the bottom. More battle and Gimble tries to dimension door back to the party but misses and ends up in the middle of frost giants that quickly dispatch him.

Frost giants the ice weird close in from all sides and the party decides to depart

Back in Iron Home, the adventurers proclaim that 8 more frost giants have been slain along with an ice golem and ice elemental.

Each party member receives 1,800 experience.



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