The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY 8/2/2014
Death to Mokmurian

“He needs to be completely defeated…” – Conna, Stone Giant Elder

Dean – Bolthin Dw Cl 13
Zephyr – Arer Dw Wi 11
Charlie – Helrin Dw Br 10
Will – Noden Hu Ra 11
Jordan – Panic 1/2 Orc Dr 10

NPC – Alik Dw Pa 12
NPC – Grund Mt Troll 14
NPC – Jax Copper Dragonh4. Your title here…

Experience for each of the above party members – 1071 xp

The adventure thus far -

Mokmurian left and silence settled onto the chamber once again. A few rounds later the Acid fog dissipates as does the reverse gravity. The party looks around at the stacks and stacks of books and scrolls and spell components. Helrin then showed up recovered from the raise dead and joined the party again.

First, Mokmurian’s chair and desk are torn apart and searched. Treasure is gathered and preparations are made for Mokmurian’s return.

Leaving the chamber and back to the 15’ wide corridor finds the group face to face with Mokmurian and 13 stone giants. It looks grim. Bolthin recognizes Conna and quickly shouts out how bad Mokmurian is. Conna chimes in and the stone giants look at each other and hesitate.

Conna says she is the stone giant elder and steps back with 6 of the giants, leaving 6 with Mokmurian. A furious battle errupts with stones and spells flying and Grund being restored attacks.

Mokmurian drops to the ground and tries to conjure but a strange look comes over his face and red light blazes through his eyes. A strange voice starts speaking and tells the party they are dealing with Karzoug and they have played into his hands. Every giant that died with runes helped to release him from his prison. Mokmurian will just add to that. A rasping breath and Mokmurian drops to the floor as all turn their attention to him.

After a few moments and no further movement from Mokmurian, Conna quickly seizes the moment and proclaims that she is the proper leader of the stone giants and tells the other giants to join her tribe and to leave this blasphemy behind. They do so and Conna talks with the party and tells them what will happen next.

The party hurridly goes to the metal door uses the key and has to fight another shinning child. They then realize that in Mokmurians personal papers was a single sheet with a single word on it. After casing read magic the work was used along with the key and the door opened.

A vast library containing 24000 pieces of material greeted them along with a clockwork being. He was the caretaker of the library. He moved somewhat erratically and Bolthin then used magic to repair him. It then promptly brought books for the party to look at and review.

Once outside it was found that books that are thousands of years old fall into dust once removed from their protection.

The stone giants moved ahead with their plans and the entrance to the library is collapsed. They plan to do the same to the black stone tower that Mokmurian had traveled to frequently.

Going inside found a strange mummy like being clutching a large metal scroll tube. Quickly defeated his tube fails to be opened. Arer and Helrin decide to explore the top and when opening the hatch in the roof, is attacked by 3 harpies. The battle that ensues was tough without Grund and Alik but eventually the harpies were slain. The tower had nothing else in it and as soon as the adventurers were done, teams of stone giants and woolly mammoths pulled the tower into the river gorge to never be seen again. Conna advised that the scroll tube may not best be opened here as the party may not have the resources to deal with what it releases.

Jorgen fist was no more. The walls were pulled down, the entrance to the under ground sealed with stone and dirt and the black tower toppled from its foundation.

Conna thanked the adventurers and took her stone giants with her back into the mountains. All the other camps were deserted and empty. It was time to move on…

Treasure -

3 foot metal scroll tube with 5 interlocking rings with symbols on them
Ring of Protection +2

Longtooths treasure is included in the previous adventure.

WOY 7/19/2014
Will we find Mokmurian

“This is a hard dungeon.” -Arer

Dean – Bolthin Dw Cl 13
Zephyr – Arer Dw Wi 11
Will – Noden Hu Ra 10
Jordan – Panic 1/2 Or Dr 10

NPC – Alik Dw Pa 12
NPC – Grund Tr EL 14
NPC – Jax CoDr ? ?

Experience for the above listed player characters only – 5850 xp

The adventure thus far -

The party spends time in Jax’s Mansion and rests and ready’s for trekking into the caves again. Jax informs the party that there were two attempts to enter during the night. The party comes out and finds Enga again and chases her away.

The tanning room had a caged wolf in it and in the forge room there was a human druid that was locked in one of the cages. His possessions were in another cage and had yet to be carted off. There were 4 stone giants in the guard room and signs of the previous struggle had been removed.

Melee ensued and Grund tore 2 apart and the party killed the other 2. The party gathered up their bags. Found a room with 2 trolls that were hiding behind walls with holes. Grund pulled the trolls through the holes and dispatched each one.

There was smoke and soft changing coming from the north, the adventurers went to investigate. Though the smoke was confusing, the party found 2 lamias and dispatched them quickly between Grund and Alik dwarven hammer. The lamias had strange artifacts but the party gathered them all.

The party went to the north exit and there was a female stone giant. She beckoned Bolthin to parly and after talking disclosed that Mokmurian was not all that he seemed to be. If the party could defeat him in combat, it would prove he was not a full stone giant. Conna then gave the party a map of the level below.

The room with the trolls had a path that wound down into the earth. Descending 500 feet finally came out into a finely finished chamber. So finely finished that it seemed to be very confusing. The next room even more confusing. A bizarre hill giant attacks the party and is quickly killed. However, several party members were reduced. The effect only persisted for 24 hours.

The next room had a giant cauldron in it and was guarded by a stone golem. A tough battle but in the end the golem was reduced to stone rubble. A tome was found in the room. After traversing another room the adventurers came upon a room full of suits of armor. A bizarre headless suit of armor surrounded by 4 ogre zombies.

The battle was again swift and the headless armor and zombies quickly fell to Grund and Alik combined attacks.

Further exploration led to a long 15’ wide hallway. To the west was a huge metal door with a single star shaped mechanism. To the east smaller doors. The party did try to open the metal door but it summoned a creature from the planes that was composed of light and Alik quickly dispatched it. The door would not open. The party then moved to the east.

Found another strange room and strange vaguely dog like creatures. The party dispatched two of them. Beyond this room there was a huge chamber. Filled an arcanists dream of books and components. And at the west end on a large platform high above the floor… Mokmurian.

An epic battle broke out. Acid fog, lightning, Fire balls, reverse gravity, Grund being turned to stone, party members bouncing off ceilings and floors. Through it all Bolthin kept healing, Alike kept striking and eventually a bloodied Mokmurian fled the room…

The party tried to recover….
Treasure –
11 gp 12 sp 12 cp
19 pp 18 gp 13 sp
23 pp 3403 gp
1100 pp 12000 gp

water opal z1000
rich blue diamond z1600
black opal z8000
an additional 53 gems worth z3500
fine tapestry 600 gp
5 Solid silver idols woth z3000
1 idol made of platinum (miniature of Karzoug) z5000
500 gp worth of diamond dust
1500 gp worth of spell components
amber and sapphire necklace z4000
set of ivory runestones z1400

Small Half Plate
Mwk breast plate
6x Chain shirts
+1 Ghost touch gauntlet
2x incense burners 400 gp
4 books on how to disembowel, decapitate, drown all manor of giants and humaniods
worth 500 gp
scroll of remove curse
+3 short spear
+1 small breastplate
+1 buckler
potion of heroism
potion of gaseous form
oil of keen edge
oil of darkness
+2 large breastplate
+1 light steel shield
+3 heavy pick
cloak of elvenkind
+2 flail
Periapt of Wisdom +2
Ring of Protection +2
Manual of Golems – Stone
7x Mwk half plate
3x Mwk full plate
Wand of bears endurance 13 charges
+1 defending spell storing club (vampiric touch)
bracers of armor +4
Robe of runes
bag of holding (type II)
Key to library
scroll – contact other plane

WOY 7/12/2014
Into the maw of Jorgenfist

Finding a way into Jorgenfist without having to battle hundreds of giants

Dean – Bolthin Dw Cl 13
Zephyr – Arer Dw Wi 11
Charlie – Helrin Dw Bb 10
Will – Noden Hu Ra 11
Jorden – Cyrus Hu Ro 11
Luke – Jalari Elf Sc/Wr 10

NPC – Alik Dw Pa 12
NPC – Grund Tr El 14

NPC – Jax Dr ? ?

Each of the above characters receive 1675xp

The adventure thus far:

After spending a night just outside of the pass to the Jorgenfist valley (also called the valley of the black tower), the adventurers emerge and ready themselves for the day. It takes an hour to climb to the top of the pass. Once there the valley of the black tower stretches forth and a din of noise reaches the adventure. Giant shouts, raucous laughter, sounds of metal on metal, the loud trumpeting of beasts far larger than the growls of dire bears and the chatter of ettins and ogres are all heard. The massive circle of the fortress is surrounded by 7 camps that have tents, huts, yurts, stone lean too’s and other assorted camp accessories.

Seeing this encampment as well as a watchtower that is placed to watch the mountain pass the adventurers decide to move to the SE to find the river that runs by the SE boundary of the valley. Using Noden to find the way, it takes a couple of hours to find the river and descend to its banks and then travel to the NE to the two caves mentioned on the map.

( MAP of the valley of the Black Tower is now in the map section )

Adventurers cast air walk on Grund and he moves the party up to the lower cave. This one looks like it is used by large creatures on a regular bases as the mouth is marked by large scrapes and has bones of large animals at its base. After the adventurers have gathered at the cave mouth, they venture deeper into the cavern. Bright red light reflects light from deep inside.

Helrin leads the way and sidles along the cave wall and then looks around a corner to come face to face with a large winged reptilian creature later to be identified as a night wing, a variant of a wyvern. Melee ensues and Cyrus moves closes to the fire opal that seems to be sitting on a low mound in the center of the caves. He is confronted by 2 more night wings that emerge from side caves. The first one pounces on Cyrus and its tail stinger runs him through. Cyrus collapses to the floor blood flowing from the massive wound. The second wyvern claws and bites Cyrus just to make sure he is dead.

The party then moves up to engage shooting arrows and Helrin dispatching the wyvern in front of him. Searching the cave finds one side cave with pile of stuff covering a chest and a staff. No other exits are found the party moves on to the other cave assisted by Bolthins airwalk on Grund.

The second cave looks less travelled… and for good reason. The floor and walls are crawling with insects which makes an unnerving sound. Even so, the issue of walking on thousands of insects is more of an issue than anything else. There seems only one direction to go and at the end it is covered with massive dark webs. When the party approaches 2 gargantuan undead spiders come out of the web to attack. Helrin, first in line is missed and Bolthin quickly dispatches the undead back to dead. The webs are burned and a pile of items is found underneath. Bolthin uses a ring of Xray to find a void in the end and Jalari finds the secret door and party enters a maze of river caves that are 3 to 5 feet wide.

The party enters and the dwarves and human and elf can make their way through but Grund has to squeeze his way through and after an hour of doing that finally see the passageway widen out. Helrin exits and is confronted by a red kobold that issues an immediate challenge. Not satisfied with the adventurers answer she launches into a rage and attacks.

She tumbles and dodges and attacks Bolthin and then others in the party. But she is not invincible and takes damage from return attacks from Helrin and arrows from Noden and Alik make her bloody from wounds. She grabs a necklace around her neck and throws it to the ground and then withdraws from combat. Darting into another narrow passage the group decides not to follow.

Exploring further a tanning room was found but bypassed for the next room. A forge was found but it there were cages and 9 dwarves were being forced to work the bellows. The party rushed in and attacked and Bolthin drops one of the two stone giants. Grund could not get into the forge and went back and killed off all of the orgres. The other stone giant soon followed and the dwarf prisoners freed. They grab tools and half finished weapons and want to follow but being exhausted and low level they are escorted back. Jax takes them out of the caves. The party continues on.

The next room has 4 stone giants that are standing around leaning on weapons and discussing whether the little kobold is insane. One mentions the necklace he just found on the floor. The party charges in and bloody battle commences. 3 giants drop when the kobold shows up at the far entrance and throws a bead at the party. A fireball goes off and a necklace fails its saving throw. 7 more fireballs go off. The heavily damaged Helrin drops and Jalari fails all her saving throws and is incinerated to a crisp. Nothing remains of her.

The party can raise Helrin so the question now remains of where to go to find a place to rest and bring Helrin back to the land of the living.

Treasure from chest and webs and slain giants:

fire opal z200
chest – z1,435 2,987sp
staff of heaven and earth p22 7charges
11 Mswk longsword
1 Large longsword +1
+2 halberd
3x large warhammer mswk
full plate armor
druids staff – spellstaff: rusting grasp cl12th

z4263, 11826 sp
Blue Quartz (6 gp)
White Opal (1000 gp)
Total value = 1006 gp
Magic Items
Arcane Scroll (Know Direction)
Arcane Scroll (Obscuring Mist, Owl’s Wisdom)
Divine Scroll (Protection from Chaos/Evil/Good/Law, Calm Emotions, Eagle’s Splendor)
Hide (Medium) (+1 armor) (1165 gp)
Potion of Cat’s Grace (300 gp)
Wand of Knock (48 of 50 charges)

WOY 6/28/2014
Sandpoint Aftermath

Tornado? What tornado??? Oh… THAT tornado…

Dean – Bolthin Dw Cl 13
Zephyr – Arer Dw Wi 11
Charlie – Helrin Dw Bb 10
Will – Noden Hu Ra 11
Jordan – Cyrus Hu Ro 11

NPC – Alik Dw Pa 12
NPC – Jax CoDr ? ?
NPC – Troll Mountain ECL 14

Experience for the above characters only = 1029 xp each

The adventure thus far -

After stopping the fires and restoring order, the party makes sure to escort the wounded stone giant out of the human lands and not be the focus of wrath of the Sandpoint citizens. Other members of the party trained. Without trainers it was a hard train but quickly done. Within a week, the party was provisioned and ready to depart.

Sandpoint citizens turned out and bid the party best wishes in its travels. The Mage Tower would be notified of their deeds and there may be additional rewards if the party returns.

As the party set out through the heavily forested land between the Ocean of Mists and the Iron Mountains, the party could not help but hear the wounded giant’s voice as he described Jorgenfist and that Mokmurian is still gathering more stone giants to his cause. Along with the hill, frost and fire giants, the intelligence behind this all would have an army that would overrun any kingdom to the South. The minor Northern kingdoms would give way and Alfheim would be next.

The party decides to teleport to the Staggering Stairs that cut up to the Stone Giant plateau where they are to meet the troll mountain, slayer of giants. The teleport landed them at the base and a marching order was set up to ascend the stairs.

As soon as the party began the ascent, rocks started to be flung down and inflicts wounds. Then the giants coordinate and a landslide of rocks, debris and dirt cascade onto the party. As the party would have a hard time ascending the 400’ of the Staggering Stairs without taking significant damage it behooved Arer to cast a dimension door to the top taking some of the party with him. The troll simply leaps up the stairs and is at the top within 2 rounds. Noden and Cyrus have to climb.

A battle amongst dwarves, giants and troll takes place and troll shows his prowess in rending giants apart. With help from Helrin and Alik, the giants fall one by one. A storm is beginning to blow and black clouds gather. Bolthin casts an Acid fog but the winds whipped up by the storm dissipate it in a round.

Seeing the tide turning, two of the giants withdraw back to a stone building, one of the few left standing, and slam the doors. Alik destroys one of the doors with his hammer and troll rages into the building and kills the only giant there. The other giant is nowhere to be seen and with an open door in the back he manages to escape.

The group doesn’t have much chance to go after him as a huge tornado bears down on the group and it seemed wise to bar the doors, stone wall in place of the broken door and hang on till the storm passes.

Eventually Noden and Cyrus reach the top of the stairs and just see a very wind swept area. The rest of the party emerges and after the storm there is no way to track the giant.

Looting the slain giants and what was in the store room, the party moves on towards Jorgenfist. At mid-afternoon the party is spotted by a stone giant patrol of 2 stone giants and 3 dire bears. There was no surprise and the party moved into the fight. Trolled and Alik took out the stone giants and the rest of the party dispatched the bears. There were no enemies that escaped this combat.

The pass to jorgenfist is reached by evening and Jax puts up his door so that the party decided to rest and make plans to get into the fortress. Clearly, Mokmurian must be stopped.

From the Outpost at the top of the stairs -

3,306 sp
carved mammoth bone
carved ivory statuette of a much smaller mammoth z700
eye patch made from silk set with mock eye of black star sapphire and moonstone z900
mithral anklet z1000
Jeweled gold crown z4,000

Once Jax becomes aware of the crown, he looks quizzically at it, then quickly disappears into the library and returns. He says it is the lost crown of the tribe Iron Mountain dwarfs. There would be a hefty reward to return it, not to mention it would be needed to bring the tribe together again.

Treasure looted from slain giants:

z886 + z693 + z3258 + 8921sp

Wand of Hold Person (18 of 50 charges)

Rosewood Comb (z600)

Deep Blue Spinel (z400)
Turquoise (z80)

Dragonscale Tabard (z3000)
Dragonscale Talisman (z400)
Fox Fur Talisman set with Obsidian (z400)
Leather Belt with Bronze Buckle (z60)
Sable Shortsword Scabbard (z1400)

Arcane Scroll (Expeditious Retreat, Magic Aura, See Invisibility)
Potion of Bear’s Endurance
Potion of Heroism

WOY 6/21/2014
Mission to Sandpoint

After speaking with the stone giants, time is of the essence and the party teleports to SandPoint

Dean – Bolthin Dw Cl 12th
Zephyr – Arer Dw Wi 11th
Charlie – Hellrin Dw Bb 10th
Will – Nodem Rg 10th
Jordan – Cyrus Hu Ro 10th

NPC – Alik Dw Pa 11th
NPC – Jax Dr ? ? – Inquisitive dragon

Experience for those in attendance = 2833 xp (this has changed. Please recheck your XP if needed)

Treasure is as follows: (also check the text of this adventure for more details)

+2 Large Hide shirt, +1 dwarf bane heavy pick, +1 light pick, magical ring, giant war horn

The party teleports at first light to the town of Sand Point which the stone giant in the under ground said would be a target of a stone giant raiding party. He indicated it would take place within 2 to 3 days.

As the sun rises the party crosses Tanner’s bridge and alerts the guards that there is an impending giant raid and that they need to speak with the sheriff. As one guard goes quickly to tell the sheriff, the other guard starts asking questions about the raiding party.

Not more than a minute or two of talking with him, then a large crack is heard across the town. A large boulder has smashed into the north wall. Thus begins the fight. The north gate is being assailed by 3 stone throwing giants. The party moves quickly north and then screams and shouts alert that another pair of giants has crossed Tanners bridge and start to loot and round up prisoners. Part of the party continues north, the rest turn back to engage them. After fierce combat one giant is down and the other one is caught with a bear and killed.

Three stone giants in the area of the southern bridge start throwing rocks to demolish buildings and help with the giants already across.

A dragon then appears from the north and goes after the Sand Point garrison and breaths flames on it.

Two more giants appear across the south bridge and start to tear apart a brewery. Another giant takes off into the town cause residents to fell and scatter before him. Alik and Hellrin take on the prisoner toting giant and kill him and bears with help from Bolthin. Noden and Cyrus help defend the gate.

Arer takes off after the giant that is running through the town. Being under attack from many areas the defenders cower at the north gate and offer no other resistance.

The dragon sets sight on the cathedral and alights and manages to set it on fire. Bolthin tries to distract it.

The 3 giants from the north finally demolish the gate and towers and move in to attack. The giants to the south along with bears are all finally dispatched.

Arer fires off spells against the running giant which in turn flings wagons, chimneys and rocks back at Arer and wounds him.

The dragon ignores Bolthin’s taunts and lands on the colorful theater and sets it on fire. The prisoners from the giants that had crossed the bridges are all freed and go to help with bucket brigades to hold the fire in check.

Alik and Hellrin set off to go after the dragon which is now heading south to the docks. Further beyond the town and large plume of smoke is seen rising.

Arer corners the running giant in the ruined light house. The giant tries to attack Arer but fails to inflict any serious damage. Alik and Hellrin engage the dragon in melee and each inflict damage on each other.

Bolthin moves up to the north gate to help Nodem and Cyrus defend against the 3 giants. Uses a stone wall to cover the damaged breach.

A war horn blast is heard throughout the town and the dragon takes flight and heads north. He did manage to set some of the docks on fire and skirmished with Alik and Hellrin.

Alik and Hellrin see some giants moving back east with wagons of looted items but decide to go after the dragon. Alik takes flight on his Pegasus and Hellrin has to take a round to recoup. Arer flies back to Bolthin for healing and possibly help defend the north gate.

At the north gate 2 of the 3 giants are killed with a third heavily wounded. The running giant appears and tries to run past Bolthin which manages to land a killing blow. The dragon sees the giant goes down and flies on past heading north at top speed. Two giants that were tossing boulders, put down their weapons and flee.

After the battle the wounded giants offers to surrender and the remaining 5 giants scatter into the woods. The dragon is no where to be seen. The town’s priority is to put out the fires and restore order. The sheriff thanks the PCs and goes to rouse the citizens to do so.

The PCs gather around the wounded giant. He squints up at the PCs, frowns and then chuckles to itself. “Defeated by nosy little dwarves, humans and elves” it says.

“Never thought this would happen to the Plateau People. Well, I won’t tell you everything, but I will tell you this: My lord is mighty Mokmurian, one of the dark giants of old come again..His magic, the things he has made… He has convinced the tribes that they will rule all the lowlands again, down to the sea. He has mastered the ancient arts.

“He will certainly kill you all, run rough over your tiny homes with the army he has called. The fortunate few will become his slaves. You beat us today, but you won’t beat us when there are a hundred or a thousand of the true people marching together. Lord Mokmurian will make it happen. He’s almost a smooth a talker as you are little one.”

He scratches his nose. “Teraktinus – he was the leader of our scouting party. He convinced us that you’d be easy pickings and we’d all get rich. He obviously underestimated you and he paid for his mistake. i have no interest in paying for that mistake as well. – grant me safe passage out of your lands and I will tell you everything you wish to know.”

Battle of Sand Point : 8 dead stone giants, 3 dead dire bears, 5 routed giants and one dragon driven off.
5 soldiers died. 18 citizens but no prisoners were taken by the giants.

The 3 that took off are easily tracked down (using wagons slows down anyone) and it is loot from the burned manor on the south shore. The ruling family will thank the party and provide a reward.

When the party goes to look for the 3 giants, they find the wagons abandoned and it seems that the stone giants left the wagons in haste. As the party scouts the area a huge shadow passes overhead and then the ground violently shakes – A colossal red dragon lands directly by the group and scoops up Alik and says – “I likessss paladindnssss for a sssnack.” Then tilts her head and in deep dragon voice says to the party “my blood, longtooth, will not die. You may punish him for allaying with stone giants, but you will not slay him. Otherwise you will have Durtaxsteingakila to deal with.” She then drops Alik and laughs and flies off.

if the party agrees to lead the stone giant out of the area he will answer other questions the PC have.

Feel free to email me with questions or have them ready at next gaming session. If you want supplies or items, email me.

The following is what is found at the giants base camp:

Coins 161 pp, 3876 gp, 22 sp, 15 cp
Aquamarine (200 gp)
2 x Aquamarine (500 gp)
Black Star Sapphire (1300 gp)
Bloodstone (30 gp)
Chrysoprase (60 gp)
Coral (70 gp)
Eye Agate (10 gp)
Jet (50 gp)
Malachite (750 gp)
Moss Agate (11 gp)
Sardonyx (40 gp)
Turquoise (8 gp)

Art Objects
Electrum Brooch set with Peridot (900 gp)

Magic Items
Arcane Scroll (Ray of Enfeeblement
Arcane Scroll (Know Direction, Disguise Self)
Arcane Scroll (Resistance, Protection from Arrows)
Dwarven Plate 1 (Medium)
Elixir of Sneaking
Full Plate (Small) (
1 armor)
Longsword (Medium) (+1 weapon)
Potion of Aid
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Potion of Delay Poison
Potion of Hide from Undead
Potion of Pass without Trace
Potion of Undetectable Alignment

Also the at the camp are the following items that did not detect magic or were masterwork (unless specifically noted)

Amphora of Vinegar (80 lb)
10 x Bag of 20 Sling Bullets (10 lb)
6 x Barrel of Oil (150 lb)
Bolt of Linen (10 lb)
Bottle of Brandywine (4 lb)
58 x Box of 20 Arrowheads (1 lb)
22 x Box of 20 Candles (1 lb)
2 x Canopy Bed (100 lbs)
3 x Carriage (600 lb)
Cart (200 lb)
Cauldron (20 lb)
8 x Cheap Wig
16 x Cold Weather Outfit (7 lb)
7 x Common Wig
5 x Explorer’s Outfit (8 lb)
8 x Fishing Net (5 lb)
13 x Large Iron Box (100 lb)
Light Catapult (1000 lb)
14 x Manacles (2 lb)
8 x Merchant’s Scale (1 lb)
2 x Noble’s Outfit (10 lb)
7 x Pan Flute (1 lb)
Plain Tapestry (500 lb)
Rack of Firewood (200 lb)
Rake (10 lb)
2 x Rope Ladder (50’) (25 lb)
Rug (10 lb)
13 x Sack of Apples (50 lb)
60 x Sack of Wheat (50 lb)
Sedan Chair (60 lb)
Shrine (75 lb)
9 x Sickle (2 lb)
Sled (300 lb)
42 x Sledge (10 lb)
Small Carpet (10 lb)
8 x Small Cask of Molasses (8 lb)
13 x Small Cask of Oil (5 lb)
Small Cask of Tobacco (8 lb)
22 x Small Cask of Wax (5 lb)
2 x Small Glass Rod (1/2 lb)
Small Hunting Trap (5 lb)
Snowshoes (8 lb)
7 x Vial of Ink
Wagon (400 lb)
10 x Wedge of Cheese (4 lb)
11 x Wooden Drum (3 lb)

WOY 6/14/2014
Stone giants amok

After resting from the last run in with frost and stone giants, and retreating from a gas filled room.

Dean – Bolthin Dw Cl 12
Jordan – Cyrus Hu Ro 10
Charlie – Hellrin (awesome dwarven name) Dw Bb 10
Luke – Jalari El Sc 10

NPC – Alik Dw Pa 11
NPC – Jax CDr ? ? (no xp split)

Please ignore previous experience count. The following is the correct for this adventure.
Experience for the above characters only = 1,750 xp

Upon opening the door of the magnificent mansion for the day, the party is greeted by the sight of a dwarf (barbarian most likely) recovering from a fall from above into one of the cells with the broken bars.

Exchanged pleasantries and Hellrin decided to cast his luck in with the party. Hellrin is a Mountain dwarf from one of the lost tribes in the Iron Mountains. Seeking to escape this trap laden and giant infested place the party back tracks the way it came and found the entrance unguarded. The exit was still blocked by a stone wall. Jalari and Cyrus both worked to open the trap and to fix it in place.

The party opened the 2 side doors and found large 100 lb mithril ingots stacked along the wall. The storage area previously entered only had an evil looking alter. Not touching the alter the party backtracked and decided to try the other door. After some struggle the door finally opened to reveal more ingots and at the back of the corridor was a very shiny construct.

Melee ensued and it became rapidly apparent that not only was it not a iron golem but something far more deadly as its slams wreaked deadly damage to Alik and Hellrin. The party quickly retreated.

After scout for some time, the party came across a champion troll, one that seemed to be more interested in talking to the party rather that battle it. The Bolthin quickly used his persuasive skills to have the troll join the party for a full share of treasure.

Finding another entrance the party entered and found another room full of stone giants. However these also seemed reluctant to attack (there was no rune carved giant with them) and after conversing found out there was a giant that had gathered the rather peaceful stone giants into war bands bent on spreading the giants conquest.

Much intelligence was gained as well as a map to Jorgenfist. The giants also said there was a raiding party headed toward unprepared city nearby. Might be worth stopping the raid to gain more intelligence and loot. (HINT)

It was decided to send the troll champion to the Sinister Steps to recon what the stone giants are doing there. In the meantime, the party teleports to Sand Point.

WOY 6/7/2014
giants and more giants and lots of giants

Descending into the depths to see if tznook was still alive

Dean – Bolthin Dw Cl 12
Zephyr – Arer Dw Wi 11
Luke – Jalari El Sc 10
Jordan – Cyrus Hu Ro 10

NPC – Alik Dw Pa 11
NPC – Jax Dr ? ? (no xp split)

Experience for this adventuring group only = 2,500 xp each.

Vials of Frost Giant and Stone Giant blood
Huge Great Axe (anyone seen with this by a giant is attacked on sight)

From the giants bag -
A 1 inch cube that looks like it is made from adamantine. Very dirty and has spots marked on it
5 Ice blue diamonds each worth 2,000
3,238 gp
5 Ice rocks
Giant tools
Simple iron band (ring)
Band with a feather motif (ring)
a two foot iron rod with the runes MM on it.
a three foot rod made of dozens of different metals with the rune W on it.

After the last session, the barbarians in the party could not face the ice devil and panicked and fled the encounter. tznook had set off a pit trap and fell 500 feet. Mortally wounded something found him and dragged him off.

The party was finally able to find the pit trap only to see the other half orc split in half by another trap. Beyond was the deep pit and beyond that was cages that held two beings, a human and an elf. The Noldur decided that the ice devil had been too much for him and he took refuge in Jax’s magnificent mansion.

The rest of the party released Jalari and Cyrus and then found a way to descend the 500 feet to the bottom of the pit. The pit then opened out into a corridor. Initial searches found a door. After opening the door to an empty room, the room itself had 3 exits. Jalari scouted it out but the bright light streaming from the arrow in the room silhouetted Jalari and stone giant met him face to face. The fight was on.

A rune carved stone giant, followed by more stone giants and a few frost giants poured into the room and gave battle. Arrows, spells and rocks flew back and forth. After killing 4 stone giants and a frost giant, the giants were getting the upper hand having beaten down Jalari and inflicting grievous wounds. Bolthin made an rock wall to shelter the party to gain some time but the giants withdrew and gas started pouring into the room.

It was time to leave. Found an interesting altar to law and Jalari benefited by gaining one point of constitution. The party then decided to ascend back to the upper corridor to rest and regroup.

WOY 5/31/2014
Iron golem to the left, iron golem ahead

After leaving the ruined fort behind and heading down the road…

Dean – Bolthin Dw Cl 12
Zephyr – Arer Dw Wi 11
Charlie – tznook half Or barb 10
Will – Noldur El Ra 10
UNK – Fang half Or Ftr 10

NPC – Alik Dw Pa 11
NPC – Jax CDr ? ?

Experience for the above characters this adventure only = 1900 xp per party member.

Travelling down the road a cloud of dust is seen coming up the road in the direction of the party. Discretion being good at this point (not tangling with 5 giants and 40 ogres) the party sought refuge among the rocks and hills. After watching the monsters go by, Noldur found a cave which seemed to lead deeper underground.

A short passageway and a room is found. All the party enters and opens a door and a wall of rock slides down behind the party. In the dim corridor behind the open door a large iron construct lurches out and starts attacking the party.

Then the double doors open and another construct takes on the other side of the party. Even though tough, Noldur shooting electric arrows seemed to slow them down and between the half orcs and Alik, the battle waged back and forth. Slowly the tide turned and first one and then the other golem fell to the ground in pieces. A room full of mithril ingots and a chest at the back. Alik and the half orcs went in to investigate. tznook went up to open the chest when all went from good to bad.

A Ice devil springs forth and immediately his aura causes both half orcs to flee. The ice devil takes a look at Alik and few blows are exchanged. More party members flee until it is ony Alik and Noldur left. Alik withdraws and Noldur follows suite. Bolthin and Arer try to follow the half orcs but the barbarian out runs them all…

WOY 5/17/2014
Shall we bypass the fort or not?

Finding an end to the tunnel, there is another fort to the west of the tunnel entrance. This one has been finished…

Dean – Botlhin Dw Cl 12
Zephyr – Arer Dw Wi 11
Charlie – tznook Hu Bb 10
Will – Noden Elf Ra 10

NPC – Alik Dw Pa 11
NPC – Jax Dr ? ?

experience for the above members of the party = 2420 xp each

The party moved into the tunnel and found a trapped door that was shooting ballista bolts. The party was able to get the door open which stopped the bolts from being shot. The party continued down the corridor. A sudden shift in the walls closes the corridor behind the party and in front a massive wall rolls up into the ceiling to reveal a earth titan.

Seeing no other way out, the party begins to advance and Alik throws his hammer which impacts directly on the earth titans forehead… The earth titan seems stunned for a few seconds and then starts moving again and tells the party to move along. The party quickly moves past.

Looking out and tot he west is another giant stone fort. This one is finished and has sentinels standing at the walls. Arer casts invisibility on Noden which proceeds to check out the fort by circling around it.

it was determined that the fort only had one gate and that there were sentries on the wall. A plan was devised to take out the fort.

Arer cast a polymorph on tznook and a treant sprang into being. tznook scooped up party members and advanced at the fort. Flaming rocks and bolts shot forth from the fort. Hill giants are seen on the wall.

As the treant gets closer, oil is dumped from the walls and flames spread along the ground. The treant catches fire but he puts the party members on the wall and melee ensues. Alik attacks from the top of the wall swinging his War ax. Arer takes to the air and starts casting. Bolthin clambers onto the wall. Noden takes up a position and lets loose arrows.

The melee surges back and forth and even tznook, in treant form manages to clamber over the wall and attack the hill giants. After three hill giants fall, there is fiendish howls and 2 coal black large hounds bound into the yard and attack the party. Followed shortly by a fire giant that is waving his hands back and forth.

The remaining hill giants seem to gain confidence and attack with renewed vigor. The fire giant throws flaming rocks that burst and flaming debris that causes massive injuries. The party proves too much for the hill giants and the remaining ones fall one by one until only hounds and fire giant is left. The last hill giant to fall opens the fort’s front gate and the fire giant being out numbered and watches one his hounds die under the parties attacks turns and runs through the gate again waiving his arms and hands.

The party briefly stops to catch breath and grab some giant bags when a large thunder clap is heard over head and a huge swirling black vortex seems to be descending onto the fort. The party then takes advantage of Arer’s haste spell and pursue the fleeing fire giant. A few rounds after leaving the fort, the vortex descends, lightning flashes and the fort explodes into a massive fireball. Jax later says that a few hundred barrels of naphtha can destroy forts…

The fire giant has shed his armor and runs for all that he is worth, flinging the occasional fiery rock at the party. Arer’s last haste wears off and the fire giant is still ahead. There is nothing to do at this point but let the fire giant flee and find a place to put up Jax’s Mansion for the night.

The following was gleaned from the few giants bags:

2226 zachs

Deep Blue Spinel (400 gp)
Golden Pearl (90 gp)
Hematite (8 gp)
Lapis Lazuli (11 gp)
Malachite arm band, giant sized (800 gp)

Magic Items
Arcane Scroll (Daze (12 gp 5 sp)) (total 12 gp 5 sp)
Arcane Scroll (Grease (25 gp)) (total 25 gp)
Arcane Scroll (Color Spray (25 gp)) (total 25 gp)
Arcane Scroll (Charm Person (25 gp), Color Spray (25 gp), Pyrotechnics (150 gp)) (total 200 gp)
Divine Scroll (Bless (25 gp), Detect Chaos/Evil/Good/Law (25 gp), Protection from Chaos/Evil/Good/Law (25 gp)) (total 75 gp)
Longsword (Medium) (+1 weapon) (2315 gp)
Potion of Spider Climb (300 gp)
Wand of Burning Hands (37 of 50 charges) (555 gp)

WOY 5/3/2014
Giants in the hills

After finding a giant party at the water falls, they then endured a snow storm and found a giant structure.

In attendance:
Dean – Bolthin – 12
Zephyr – Arer – 11
Will – Noden – 10
Charlie – Tznook – 10

NPC – Alik – 11
NPC – Jax Dr ? ?

Experience for the above party members = 2190 xp

The Adventure:

Trekking across the valley after the melee at the water fall, the party feels the air temperature start to drop and clouds move in from the west. It starts to snow. The snow becomes thick enough to reduce visibility and before they knew it they were staring at a all white beholder. As much surprised to meet it as he was to meet the party, everyone stared fore a few seconds and then Bolthin offered a cask of wine to the beholder. Which turned out to be much to the beholder’s liking. After talking and exchanging information the party and beholder parted ways.

The snow made the travel slow and after another 4 hours of travel and not seeing anything but snow and boulders and gravel, to the north the side of a mountain came into view. At its base was a fort that was half finished. Two hill giants could be seen at its wall over the gate.

The party rushed the wall and rocks came plunging down causing injury. The gate opened and out rolled a giant siege weapon which fired ballista bolts and spit fire when the fighters came closer.

The giants manning the ballista were slain and the party forced into the gate. Barbarian moved in one direction and set off several traps and Bolthin kept everyone in health. Finally the last giant was over come and searching them and the interior rooms found the following treasure.

Coins 45 pp, 1554 gp, 6008 sp, 27763 cp
Aquamarine (500 gp)
Black Pearl (600 gp)
Deep Blue Spinel (500 gp)
Hematite (11 gp)
Moss Agate (10 gp)

Art Objects
Banded Agate Dice (pair) set with Blue Quartz (300 gp)
Ebony Ring inlaid with Copper (1000 gp)
Polished Stone Mask (100 gp)
Sable Talisman (300 gp)
Silver Rapier (600 gp)
Small Silver Mirror (130 gp)
Total value = 2430 gp

Magic Items
Arcane Scroll (Detect Magic, Ray of Enfeeblement)
Arcane Scroll (Scare )
Arcane Scroll (Know Direction, Identify, Obscure Object )
Divine Scroll (Magic Weapon, Fog Cloud)
Phylactery of Faithfulness
Potion of Mage Armor
Potion of Shield of Faith (+2)

3 x Amphora of Vinegar (2 gp, 80 lb)
Barrel of Ale (6 gp, 240 lb)
Bed (30 gp, 100 lb)
Bolt of Linen (5 gp, 10 lb)
21 x Bottle of Common Wine (1 sp, 4 lb)
15 x Bottle of Good Wine (1 gp, 4 lb)
28 x Bottle of Honey (4 sp, 4 lb)
12 x Bottle of Olive Oil (3 gp, 4 lb)
Cart (15 gp, 200 lb)
2 x Clay Tankard (2 cp, 2 lb)
Couch (30 gp)
2 x Courtier’s Outfit (30 gp, 6 lb)
Fishing Net (4 gp, 5 lb)
8 x Flask of Oil (1 sp, 1 lb)
17 x Hammer (5 sp, 2 lb)
Handsaw (3 gp, 5 lb)
Iron Pot (8 sp, 4 lb)
Large Iron Box (2 gp, 100 lb)
Large Wooden Chest (2 gp, 50 lb)
Noble’s Outfit (75 gp, 10 lb)
Pair of Oars (4 gp, 20 lb)
Room Screen (10 gp)
Rope Ladder (50’) (3 gp, 25 lb)
Rope Net (10′ × 10′) (4 gp, 40 lb)
35 x Sewing Needle (5 sp)
Sled (20 gp, 300 lb)
15 x Sledge (1 gp, 10 lb)
Small Cask of Sausages (1 gp, 5 lb)
Small Cask of Tobacco (2 gp, 8 lb)
12 x Small Cask of Wax (2 sp, 5 lb)
Small Iron Box (1 gp, 20 lb)
10 x Tongs (3 gp, 2 lb)
16 x Wedge of Cheese (8 sp, 4 lb)


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