The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY 4/26/2014
Mountains of Despair

There are strange things in these mountains

Dean – Bolthin – Dw Cl 12
Will – Nodem Hu Ra 10

Richard – Richard Hu Pa 10
Lawrence – Thevro Dw Rager 10
Kevin – Kain Hu Ft 10

NPC – Alik -Dw Pa 11
NPC – Jax – ?

Experience for the above adventures only = 850 xp

The adventure thus far -

After travelling in the mountains for a few days after meeting with Jax, the party comes into a very pretty valley with a water fall and a lake.

Oddly enough, there is the remains of a ship that is at least 1000 feet away from lake and it looks for all the world as if it had been dropped.there.

Jax had invited several new characters to join and Richard the Paladin and a Dwarf rager joins the party. Stepping out into the small valley, the sounds of giant voices is heard coming from the direction of the ship.

The party tries to move around the stern of the ship when 3 giants spot the party from the far end of the valley and proceed to run at the party shouting. The giants behind the ship answer and the melee ensues. Crashing in and out of the boat. Charging Giants and inside the ship an Ogre Mage was searching.

The giants are all slain but the Ogre Mage tries to harm the party in a significant way but after being charged by a paladin flees the battle. The party passes through the water fall and the human paladin, the dwarf rager and the human fighter disappear. Not to be seen again.

The following treasure is recovered:


Ring of Xray
Ring of Telekinesis
Dagger +4 Dancing (Jax takes all the gems that were found)
Heavy Crossbow flaming Burst
Tome of Understanding +1

WOY 3/29/2014
That really is a bad bad ruins

The party left the small elf village and head into the wilds of the North

Dean – Bolthin – 12 Wonderful bread – an extra 150xp
Zephyr – Arer – 11
John – Rinner – 10
Lea – guest role as Alik the Paladin – 10

The experience will be added together from the start of the caravan

The party finds the village hospitable but a small village none the less.

WOY 3/15/2014
From Cathros west along the Elven Highway

Caravan ho! The party gathers itself in the early morning to set out west.

In attendance –
Dean – Bolthin – 12 Awesome bread – Get an extra 100 xp
Gabe – Elissar – 9
John – Rinner – 10 Good pizza – Get a extra 250 xp
Trevor – Roflin – 10 – A one time visitor. No experience

NPC – Alik – 10

Experience for this adventure only to those listed above – 1800 xp.

The morning breaks bright and clear as the small caravan gathers itself to head west along the ancient Elven Highway. it is said that in the early mists of time the elves created this road as they explored these lands. It has been in existence for several millennia.

Elissar gathered all who would journey and at the last minute the well traveled dwarf fighter Roflin joined to seek his fortune traveling west.

The caravan begins its journey moving through the gates and onto the highway. Mid morning and a group of flying creatures approached from the North. It was a flight of griffons and they land some distance away to speak with the group. The griffons determined it was a small caravan on a journey to the west.

Later that day a human was chopping down a tree when the party hailed him and caught him off guard causing the tree to snap off and roll down the hill. It was easily avoided the Herman the huntsman talked with the group and said he was hunting a behir that had been harassing those that were traveling along the highway. Joined forces for a short time and tracked down the behir. And so had a green dragon. It did not end well for the behir and it became the latest meal.

Herman was thank full and gave the party 1000 zachs for their help.

The caravan traveled on.

The next night during the second watch, the ground erupted and a purple worm exploded into the night air to try and eat all that was the adventurers.

The party raised the alarm and adventurers prepared to attack. The purple worm snatched up Elissar and prepared to swallow him whole when Rinner cast an amazing divine weapon spell and smacked the purple worm on the head. in a blinding flash the worm suddenly was completely petrified. Since it no long was able to defend itself, the mostly dwarven party demolished the worm and the next day there was the foul odor or rotting purple worm in the air.

WOY 3/8/2015
Spending much time in Cathros

The party had safely arrived in Cathros after the events on the island of the Seat of the Gods.

In attendance

Dean – Bolthin 12th Cleric
Zephyr – Arur 10th Wizard
John – Rinner 10th Cleric
Lea – Iona 10th Paladin

NPC – Alik 10th Paladin

Experience for each of the above, 1278 xp

After getting the experience and treasure from the battle of the Black Death and the Seats of the Gods, the party uses Bolthins folding boat to sail to the Ancient port of Cathros. The party rests and trains.

The Grey Elf Mage Elandor approaches the party about hiring them for a task. The party agrees and sets out one fine spring morning to find out what has happened at Elandor’s shop. His shop keeper has gone missing and the building is sealed.

Using Arur’s spells to break the enchantment and open the lock, entering into the small building was at first annoying. After searching it was determined that Ascetus, the shop keeper was doing inventory on a crate that had just arrived at the shop.

A blue vase was the last recorded and according to an invisible stalker in a cage nearby one that had suck Ascetus into itself. It then proceeded to float to a open trap door and then disappeared from site.

The party found the trap door closed and opened it and found the beholder Priorus lurking below. He had consented to guard Elandor’s stock and answered questions that was put forth by a respectful party. The blue vase was found and gathered up and returned back to Elandor.

Because the invisible stalker had been set free and because there was also the creature missing from the vase, Elandor only paid 1000 Cathros platinum pieces to each adventurer. In any other party of the world these hefty and large coins of pure platinum are worth 100 gold pieces.

The party then decided to seek out magical items and lore to help them continue on thier way. Bolthin bought a map to locate a relic that would bolster his stats.

The caravan leaves the city on 3/15/1024

WOY 3/1/2014

From the flames to the frying pan

Dean – Bolthin – 11
Daniel – Whurlond – 10
Arur – Zephyr – 10
John – Rinir – 10
Lea – Iona – 10

Experience for each character -

Treasure gathered in this adventure -

WOY 2/15/2014
The climatc ship battle

the dwarves have boarded… can the clear the ship



WOY 2/1/2014
Where is the ship?

Does the ship, ship?

In attendance:

Dean – Bolthin -11th
Daniel – Whurlond – 9th
Zephyr – Arer – 9th
John – Kraigstadt

WOY 1/25/2014
Its giant slaying time

Heading north, the party ran into a hill giant war band

In attendance:
Dean – Bolthin – Cl -10
Daniel – Whurlond – Ftr/Tempest-9
Zephyr – Aurer – Wizard – 8
John – Kraegstadt – Ftr 7


Alik – Paladin – 9

The above players each get 5535 xp each.

After returning from the tomb of Malek the Necromancer, the party had trained and distributed the magic and treasure that had been gleaned from the sarcophagi in the 3 crypts that had been opened.

After fighting undead hulks and Weeps, it was a profitable adventure. The rangers will stay behind to keep on eye on this discovered cursed place.

As the party set out again, about mid day walking back to the tomb, giant voices where heard. The party prepared and around a bend in the road came hill giants.

190 pp, 4900 gp

Chalcedony (70 gp) Citrine (60 gp) Jet (120 gp) Malachite (10 gp) Rhodochrosite (12 gp) Rich Purple Corundum (700 gp)

Total value = 972 gp
Art Objects

Ebony Medallion (1200 gp) Glass Eye (1000 gp) Lacquered Wooden Statue (of an Elf Sorceress) set with Golden Yellow Topaz (4000 gp) Leather Belt with Copper Buckle (80 gp) Leopard Fur Shoes set with Jasper (800 gp) Rosewood Statue (of a Male Dwarf Bard) (2000 gp) Sable Vest set with Emerald (5000 gp) Silver Candlesticks set with Chrysoberyl (1300 gp)

Magic Items

Arcane Scroll (Expeditious Retreat (25 gp)) (Opposite effect or target curse) (total 25 gp) Arcane Scroll (Cause Fear (25 gp), Unseen Servant (25 gp)) (total 50 gp) Arcane Scroll (Alarm (25 gp), Remove Fear (50 gp)) (total 75 gp) Divine Scroll (Cure Moderate Wounds (150 gp), Summon Nature’s Ally II (150 gp)) (total 300 gp) Elixir of Hiding (250 gp) Gloves of Dexterity (+2) (4000 gp) Potion of Blur (300 gp) Potion of Owl’s Wisdom (300 gp) Wand of Acid Arrow (23 of 50 charges) (inscription provides clue to function) (2070 gp) Wand of Detect Secret Doors (20 of 50 charges) (Opposite effect or target curse) (300 gp) Wand of Slow (1 of 50 charges) (225 gp)
WOY 12/21/2013

Found a village that has been attacked by pirates

Dean – Bolthin – 10
Daniel – Whurlond – 8
Zephyr – Arer – 9

WOY - 12/7/2013

Dean – Bolthen – 10
Daniel – Whurlond – 8
Zephyr – Arur


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