The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY - 10/19/2013

In attendance

Dean – Bolthin
Daniel – Whurlond
Zephyr – Arur

NPC – Alik

The above characters get the following experience 10,200

The adventure:

Once again, the Rearing Red Dragon was the place to meet. Rumors came back from the dwarven rangers that a tomb had been discovered in place of tangled boulders and old trees. Bolthin feeling the power of Kilea and his new found powers wished to see if this would be a challenge of his powers. After asking Alik, it was decided to brace the tomb and see if this placed can be cleaned out.

fade to black ……. there was a time 700 years ago… 7 of the 9 that ruled… a Wizards council that controlled the Tyrian Empire. The Emperor had died without a an heir and internal strife threatened to split the empire into small warring factions. Seven Wizards stepped forward and took the reigns of government. At first, the council ruled wisely and fairly. Then a shadow fell across the land. Darkness crept from the wild magic that still wasn’t fully understood. It reached into the Arcane Guilds. Dark magic. Necromancy.

The 7 of 9 that rules formed a cabal that used its magical leverage to take control. The Wizards became a fearful force and not only to the enemies of Tyre but to those that opposed from within. They ruled for almost a hundred years. And then a blood relative that was descended from the last royal came forth.

Bathed in Wild magic he found a way to harness it and use it and threw down each of the seven. However, not each mage was slain outright. Some fled to distant lands, some hid in rock strewn valleys and some sealed their tombs waiting for the time to come back and seize power.

….. a map to this tomb. Dwarven rangers found it a few weeks ago. It reeks of old magic and necromancy. Be aware of what it may contain.

After a days journey, the party came to the tomb in the mid afternoon. There were boulders and rocks strewn about and they bore faded runes that had no power but still put a chill between the shoulder blades.

Using crow bars and dwarven strength the doors on the East tomb were pried open. Sarcophigi were laid in the room and at the back stairs descending. Entering the crypt and up popped a black wraith from. Quickly dispathed. Two more met similiar treatment.

After a quick search then it was time to go down the stairs. A long burial chamber that stretched back 100 feet that was littered with bones. The party stepped quitely but as soon as there was life present, each pile of bones brought forth a wraith. And the battle was on.

With Bolthin turning the undead and Alik providing a bulwark against the physical attacks and Arur throwing fire balls, the group advanced the length of the hallway. Finally a Dread Wraith appeared to engage in battle. Soon, even it could not withstand the power of the group even though it brought Alik close to the brink of death.

The remaining wraiths fled and the chamber was open. Amongst the litter in the tomb there was assorted weapons and armor and a rod. Coins and gems in rotting sacks. There was also another set of stairs.

Descending those stairs came upon a room full of sarcophagi. One was open and contained nothing but rotting clothes. The other had a corner lifted. The crowbar came out and popped the lids. The ones that were not yet looted saw a small ornate red lacquer box that was encrusted with gems. Whurlond tried to pick it up and suddenly collapsed on the floor. Bolthin seemed intent on opening all of the other sarcophagi. After popping the the forth one, the statue at the back of the crypt took on a form of a fighter with blazing red eyes. After an abyssal blast roared through the chamber the party quickly back tracked and left this place of ruin.

The following treasure was gathered by the party:
2,491 gold coins
4 acid flask(s) (10 gp each)
alchemist’s fire (20 gp)
breastplate (200 gp)
4 half-plate (600 gp each)
2 holy water flask(s) (25 gp each)
medium masterwork bastard sword (335 gp)
medium masterwork dwarven waraxe (330 gp)
2 large masterwork greataxe (320 gp each)
large masterwork greatsword (350 gp)
medium masterwork heavy pick (308 gp)
small masterwork kama (302 gp)
tiny masterwork kukri (308 gp)
large masterwork mighty composite longbow (2 Str bonus) (600 gp)
medium masterwork shortbow (330 gp)
5 small masterwork studded leather armor (175 gp each)
2 large mighty composite longbow (
1 Str bonus) (200 gp each)
large mighty composite longbow (+2 Str bonus) (300 gp)
4 thunderstone(s) (30 gp each)

2,936 gold coins
achroite beryl (clear beryl) (272.3 gp)
andar (28.4 gp)
andar (75.5 gp)
bat cave jasper (chocolate brown to tan) (43.6 gp)
borax (yellow) (62.6 gp)
bruneau jasper (brown with ivory in spherical and oval patterns) (47.7 gp)
diopside (white) (7.1 gp)
elbaite (violet-red tourmaline) (95.8 gp)
fayalite (opaque green; found in masses, not crystals) (21.1 gp)
lilac spinel (purple spinel) (652.1 gp)
malachite (green) (10.1 gp)
mother-of-pearl (varies – inside of shell – usually irridescent and multiple colors) (143.7 gp)
mykaro (46.9 gp)
olivine (yellow-green to green to brown) (78.2 gp)
onyx (layers of various shades of red, pink, orange/brown and honey yellow) (115.4 gp)
ophealine (7.8 gp)
orprase (51.4 gp)
red tears (988 gp)
schorl (black, brown, or dark blue tourmaline) (86.5 gp)
sphene (507.6 gp)
sunstone (gray) (12 gp)
sunstone (orange) (12.8 gp)
water opal (clear and colorless with inside opal coloration) (1,193.7 gp)
yellow topaz (695.9 gp)
zircon (any color) (38.6 gp)
zoiste (gray) (116.8 gp)
zoiste (pink) (97.3 gp)
15 acid flask(s) (10 gp each)
alchemist’s fire (20 gp)
antitoxin dose(s) (50 gp)
2 banded mail (250 gp each)
breastplate (200 gp)
2 full plate (1,500 gp each)
2 half-plate (600 gp each)
4 holy water flask(s) (25 gp each)
large masterwork greatsword (350 gp)
small masterwork kama (302 gp)
medium masterwork longsword (315 gp)
2 large masterwork mighty composite longbow (1 Str bonus) (500 gp each)
small masterwork short sword (310 gp)
3 small masterwork studded leather armor (175 gp each)
large mighty composite longbow (
1 Str bonus) (200 gp)
2 large mighty composite longbow (2 Str bonus) (300 gp each)
medium mighty composite shortbow (
1 Str bonus) (150 gp)
3 tanglefoot bag(s) (50 gp each)

2,140 gold coins
opal (white) (1,022.4 gp)
clear spodumene (48.9 gp)
demantoid (green garnet) (153.1 gp)
fire opal (orange to red) (1,068.4 gp)
hambergyle (63.7 gp)
hessonite (grainy mass of garnet) (82.6 gp)
jade (any color, comes in masses and not crystals) (60.9 gp)
mynteer (38.9 gp)
onyx (white and red) (72.2 gp)
pale green spodumene (40.4 gp)
sinhalite (107.1 gp)
sphene (270.9 gp)
star diopside (141.8 gp)
sunstone (gray) (7.6 gp)
uvarite (bright green garnet) (454.5 gp)
wonderstone (tannish to yellow jasper) (11.8 gp)
zoiste (brown) (114.2 gp)
rod of cancellation (11,000 gp)

WOY - 10/12/2013

In attendance -

Dean – Bolthin
Harrison – Elbere
Daniel – Whurlond
Sam – Bolar

NPCs -
Alik – Paladin
Bazain – Wizard

XP award for the above characters – 3,900

it was time to again descend into the depths and search out the new areas that the dwarf miners had opened.

Descending down the stairs it seemed familiar. Typical of the minotaur warrens that they had seen in the previous months.

The company moved to the middle corridor and leveraged open the main door. With Bazain prepared a fireball roared down the corridor and struck the group of medium sized minotaurs. Though the company would not know until later, these were minotaurs of legend. Smoking they waited for the company to advance and the battle was on.

Axes flashed and the dwarfs chanted and shouted battle cries. Several of the minotaurs finally were felled from damage and magical spells. Whurlond moved up as Bolthin cured Alik. A single minotaur moved away from the party down the corridor.

4,921 gold coins
potion of darkness (300 gp)
fruity odor/taste
effervescent, clear appearance
potion of eagle’s splendor (300 gp)
soothing odor/taste
bubbling, smoky appearance
potion of invisiblity (300 gp)
earthy odor/taste
watery, opaque appearance
ring of swimming (2,500 gp)

arcane (200 gp)
Levitate (l2, cl3)
Silent Image (l1, cl1)
Ray of Enfeeblement (l1, cl1)
arcane (150 gp)
Misdirection (l2, cl3)
arcane (25 gp)
Ventriloquism (l1, cl1)
arcane (200 gp)
Erase (l1, cl1)
Detect Undead (l1, cl1)
Bull’s Strength (l2, cl3)
arcane (50 gp)
Shocking Grasp (l1, cl1)
Ventriloquism (l1, cl1)
arcane (150 gp)
Blindness/Deafness (l2, cl3)

mighty composite shortbow (+1 Str bonus) +2 (8,450 gp)

Quaal’s feather token (bird) (300 gp)

2x bracers of armor (2) (4,000 gp)
druid’s vestment (5,800 gp)
gloves of dexterity (
2) (4,000 gp)
golembane scarab (any) (2,500 gp)
golembane scarab (any) (2,500 gp)
horn of fog (2,000 gp)
horseshoes of a zephyr (3,000 gp)

horseshoes of speed (1,900 gp) Quaal’s feather token (fan) (200 gp)
WOY - 10/5/2013
Orcs and Minotaur

In attendance -

Dean – Bolthin
Harrison – Elbere
Aurer – Zephyr

XP award for the above characters 1529

The story thus far -

The streets of Moria were filled with dwarves that were celebrating the Festival of Kilea. Hearth, Home and Harvest were all celebrated this week.

A cleric of Durin, a cleric of Kilea and Aurer a stuffy wizard were wondering the streets and taking in the marvels of dwarf architecture, gnomish ingenuity and the benefits of trading with the largest human empire, Tyre.

11,504 Zach
lilac spinel (purple spinel) (329.2 gp)
potion of fox’s cunning (300 gp)
spicy odor/taste
watery, flecked appearance
potion of shield of faith +2 (50 gp)
sugary odor/taste
syrupy, opaque appearance
arcane (25 gp)
Silent Image (l1, cl1)
arcane (150 gp)
Misdirection (l2, cl3)
arcane (150 gp)
Flaming Sphere (l2, cl3)
divine (375 gp)
Searing Light (l3, cl5)
divine (25 gp)
Summon Monster I (l1, cl1)
Acid Arrow (l2, cl3) (38 charges) (3,420 gp)
something provides a clue to the wand’s function
Battle Axe +1 (4,310 gp)
Int: 9 (-1)
Wis: 10 (0)
Cha: 7 (-2)
Ego: 3
Communication: empathy
Alignment: neutral
sense motive +10
‘daze monster’ (3 per day)
sheds light in a 20-foot radius (as a torch)

WOY - 9/28/2013
Those depths are deep

Dean – Bolthin
Daniel – Whurlond

Sam – Bolar
Zephyr – Aurer

525 xp each

Bolthin, Aurer and friends gathered at the Rearing Red Dragon for the evening meal and to decide where to adventure next. As they discussed the last adventure with the flaming ooze and the Ambush drakes, two other dwarves overheard them.

“I couldn’t help but overhear how you have plumbed the depths for your gain. I wish to join along with my friend here.”

Having taken their measure and testing their mettle by drinking of the Kettle of Hyrm, everyone gathered for a game of rocks and Whurlond was the clear winner of the game.

WOY - 8/10/2013
Are you a font or not?

In attendance:

David – Torbere +150 exp
Zephyer – Aurer
Gabe – During

The group again visited the Green Dragon in Dran waiting for the manticore hide to be finished. Still having to wait the party asked around in a few of the magic shops about a way to replenish the dwarven stout magical bottle.

One very old mage in somewhat resplendent but faded robes said he had heard that there were a on old wild magic font in an abandoned temple to the East. The party and the wizard exchanged a few drinks and the wizard gave them directions to the temple.

Setting out the next day it was an uneventful journey with one night spent with a caravan that was headed into Dran. The next day found them across the forest with a path that led deep into the woods. Pushing through the brush and down the track that was mostly a game trail the path finally opened and a few hundred yards away was a ruined building that could still be made out to be a temple.

The dwarves carefully moved up and Torbere was given flight to check the temple. The first fly over saw 7 statues inside. The next flew over took a few rounds and then there was nothing inside. After a few attempts at opening the door it finally was pulled open by its handle.

Inside was time ravaged temple items such as benches, cloth, altar stones and such. But no statues. Suddenly out of the trees gargoyles attack the flying Torbere and landed to take on Aurer and During.

After an intense battle the gargoyles were all slain and a font was discovered at the back of the temple. Going in to investigate further a foul creature seeped up out of the ground and all eyes and mouths and grappled and swallowed Aurer, During and Torbere beat on the creature until it collapsed.

A few things were found around the fountain and Torbere put his bottle into the font. After light flashed the bottle again filled with stout. The dwarves were happy.

2833 xp

Treasure -

WOY - July13th
Here be lots o' things

Returning to Moria under the Mountain, and Bolthin feeling the chill in his soul of being touched by the undead, a question was put to the temple of Kilea. From what the doughty dwarves had seen it was determined to be a dread wraith. it was decided that the bit of treasure was well worth being able to escape the frightful being
After relaxing and training and doing various other activities the group of adventurers gathered again and decided to finish the area that they had been directed to by the Sages of Deep Lore. Preparing once again to descend into the depths the party gathered themselves and the next day descended the depths to the station of Dwarven Gaurds and the gate was unlocked.
There was no gelatinous cube waiting for them so they carefully searched the room and then moved into the adjoining corridors. as they travelled into a 10’ corridor a rat swarm came charging at them but proved to be of little menace and was quickly dispatched. Moving up the corridor and into a few turns the party was then assailed by a rust monster. Though it caused a few moments of panic it was over come by throwing axes and bludgeoning it to death.
Moving further along the corridor and entering at the South end of a large round chamber which consisted of stone seats and 14 figures scattered about the room. The room was filled with a 20’ diameter pillar of fire that reached up past the ceiling. Looking and at first glance not seeing anything moving, Torbere and Gryant moved into the room. Behind the corner of the passage there was a six legged lizard like beast.
It was a basilisk. Flailing about and stomping its six short legs it attacked the party, biting and trying to get the dwarves to look at its eyes. The battle waged back and forth and when Gryants shield arm weighed heavy and slipped he met the gaze of the basilisk straight into its eyes… and turned to stone. Torbere finished off the creature but Gryant was a dwarf statue. The basilish had little treasure but in the room the stone forms were worth investigating.
After searching each one, there was one that was determined to be an elf. Others were duergar and troglodytes. Being in no further danger the party set about the task of getting Gryant back to the surface to purchase a stone to flesh spell to remove his predicament. As the party was lifting and dragging Gryant, 2 fire dwarves stepped out of the pillar of fire. The dwarf party hailed them and they started speaking.

It turns out that this was once a portal that connected to the elemental planes. It had been long abandoned because of the family of basilisks that had moved into the chamber from the adjoining caverns. After many attempts to drive them out the Azir decided to close the portal until such time as it could be safely used again. Time passed. The are that once was rich in gem deposits continued to attract many of the races in the under deep and each left its mark in the fire pillar room.
Even the grey elves had sent party 500 years ago that had failed to return and was considered lost. Until the Moody Moria dwarves delved deep and found an entrance to this chamber. The Azir made an attempt with fire brew to return Gryant to flesh and it failed. They took him back to their plane where they could restore him to his health. It was determined that the elf would be taken back to the surface to be restored where he was. A much grateful Elradsae gave the dwarf party his thanks and offered to have them journey with him when he returns home.
In the meant time the Azir were welcomed in the Moria Great Hall and the King and his brother provied a fiery feast to welcome the Azir and talks began about establishing new relations. The Azir thank each and every dwarf in the party by giving them each 2 emeralds that are worth 2000 zachs each. It was a great time for feasting and making merry. The kings brother seemed to pay particular attention to each member in the party.
After a day of fetting the Azir the party decides to descend into the depths again. Down the flight of stairs and then the party was assailed by a shadow mastiff and barghests. Fighting those off the party then ran into hungry Xorn. Torbere threw gold at the xorn and they happily ate. The xorn then moved on and it was decided to return to the surface as the barghests were no were to be found.

Experience for each party member was 1758 xp.

Each party member received 2 Emeralds Z 2000

WOY - July 6th
Was that a shaman?

After recovering from the last adventure and taking a night to visit their favorite pub, the Rearing Red Dragon, the party was joined again by During that was last seen just before delving deep into the swamp.

He described another new section that had been opened recently in the deep delves that was more like a tomb. The party thought it would be a fitting challenge and decided to seek it out and find out what it had.

Delving deep again they came to the entrance that was guarded by iron and mithril gate and a dwarf company of the city guard. Going down the short flight of stairs it was a different feel than the cavern they had recently been in. It was s tomb and Bothin confirmed it had the funerary trappings of the duergar.

Slowing moving into the main entrance and searching did not seem to run across anything of use or that was dangerous… until Torbere and During moved into the skull room. From a corner a smaller minotaur lunged and struck Torbere for sneak attack. The fight was on. Larger forms charged out of the darkness on one side and smaller well armored minotaurs charged from the other.

The battle was a long one and raged back and forth. Even though the minotaur thug was severely hurt he pulled back and let the armored minotaurs engage the main party. A shaman then made his appearance and started flinging his vicious bolts. A web from Aurer slowed him down and the large minotaur and several of the armored ones fell to the ground.

The shaman was slain by the black bow and the thug escaped into the other room. The crypt in the middle of the main room started to rumble as if something wanted out. The party thought it would be a good time to leave.

After a short rest the party returned and found the crypt was opened. A huge minotaur came roaring out of the darkness. Another Black bolt took him down but Nuldar was not feeling well at this point.

A large incorporeal form came up out of the tomb with fetid breeze and touched Bolthin and made him feel older and weaker. A few tries at trying to hit the creature seemed fruitless and after During had looted the large minotaur the party decided it was time to leave.

Back in the city the temple of Kelea advised Bolthin that the creature was a Dread Wraith.

From the large minotaur was retreived:

2 Great Axe
1 Large bull headed pendant that had small leather fringe. Some of the fringe had been pull out and it looked like there was 5 pieces of fringe left. The pendant is magical and made from eboy with ruby eyes.

2 Minotaur rings of pure gold.

WOY - June 29th
Delve Deep

The treasure and experience of the swamp adventure was more than enough to advance levels for all of the party.

Looking to stay close to Moria it was found that a new section of deep mining had been found and there were creatures that were lurking there that had attacked the miners several times. A dwarf patrol was stationed and the entrance was barricaded.

The dwarf party decided to investigate and entered what looked to be an ancient temple. Stepping off the steps the party ran straight into a gelatinous cube. An unwelcome surprise but for all its strangeness it was quickly destroyed. The party cautiously started to search the gloomy room that small scattered statues. Aurer thought it might has something to do with duergar… dark dwarves.

Moving closer to an opening into a cavern a large brute charged out of the darkness. A large beast with a bull shaped head. Gryant and Torbere met his charge and hand to hand fighting ensued. Others in the party moved to support and then a few rounds later more bull creatures came out of the darkness to engage.

Tough back and forth as each fought the other and the large brutes tried to cut the dwarfs down where they stood. But the party stood tough, Bolthin healing every chance he got and Aurer casting and the ranger sniping from distance.

After rounds of combat, the last Minotaur fell to the ground bleeding its life out. The dwarfs searched and took anything that seemed valuable. The party then moved down a hallway and opened a door and another Gelatinous Cube lunged out. Inflicting minimal damage it was also quickly dealt with.

Rumblings from deep in the caverns and the unknown of what else lay ahead made the dwarfs take a council of war and decided to return back up to the city levels and rest and recover.

Experience for this adventure was 1120

Treasure was:

Armor: +1 Buckler – Value: 1000gp.
Scroll: Longstrider
Scroll: Magic Missile
Wand Detect Magic – Value: 37 charges
Unguent of Timelessness

632 gp
Fine Steel Staff set with Red Garnet (1800 gp)
Iron Armlet (110 gp)
Leopard Fur Talisman set with Lapis Lazuli (500 gp)

WOY - June 8, 15, 22
Was there a swamp thing?

After returning to Moria in the Moody Mountain, the party decided that it was time to pierce the heart of the swamp and find the Drow Outpost and defeat this place of evil.

The party set out with two mules in tow. The first day and night passed without any problems. The next day at mid morning a large troop of bugbears ran into the dwarf party and the fight was on. The dwarfs formed a battle line and soon the bugbears were going down left and right. A few tried to escape but were taken down. There could be no one that would be left to forewarn anyone in the swamp.

The next morning as the party set out a giant behir sprung up and tried to attach the party. Thorin acting fast charged forward and then with one mighty blow from his axe sliced clean through the behir’s neck and body and head went in different directions. Opening the foul beast up and inside there was assorted goods as it was obvious that the behir had prowled the trade routes before loosing its head.

The swamp was reached at night fall. The evening full of strange sounds and sights passed without any issue. The next morning there was over cast over the swamp. The dwarves girded their loins and started into the swamp.

The strangely twisted trees, the smell of things rotting, strange lights seen in the misty distance all proved to be unsettling. Soon after entering there was an eerie wail and two wraiths came swooping down the trail. Bolthin quickly banished them in the name of Kelea and the party proceeded down the path.

A little later a hydra pushed itself up out of the swamp and attack. Though 5 headed Torbere and Nuldar and Gryant quickly took it down dispatching its body back to the swamp from where it had slithered out of.

The mist and over cast made for gloom and dim lights off in the distance still made the dwarves all feel uneasy. A strange swooshing sound and two stone gargoyles came winging down the path. Even tough and viscous they were again quickly dispatched by the warriors in the group.

Then came the Orcs. An ambush with an orc cleric and druid and archers. Shooting thier cruel orc arrows they scored a few hits but both Nordal and Aarer traded shots and the warriors dispatched the ones that were knocked out the trees by sleep. The cleric and druid hastily withdrew on carefully prepared paths.

Continueing down the path and wights sprang forth and managed to touch Nuldar but again were quickly sent away by the turning of Bolthin. Kelea was watching over her cleric. The things encountered and fights had taken its toll from the party. The party managed to find a relative safe dry spot and settled for the night. During the first watch a goblin weighed down beyond measure with equipment and bags appeared at the fire warming himself with his flame red hound next to him.

Introducing himself as Krik, he traded with the party and created a never ending bottle of dwarven ale for Torbere. Some other items traded and then Krik provided some information about the drow that were up ahead. The morning was over cast and threatened rain. The mist was thick and the party felt they were close to the river. The land became more soggy and the trail was hardly there.

Then out of the mists loomed large jutting pieces of rock amongst the swamp trees and brackish water. Coming close to the first one an ogre peered over the edge and asked what business the dwarves had there. A quick spell from Aarer and there was an Ogre offering strong drink to the ogre. He quickly reached down and took the drink and quickly fell to the ground, the drink was too much.

Several more ogres showed up trying to figure out what happened. The same fate met each one as the drink was too much. As the party discussed and used spells to try and get an advanctage, drow speech rang out and it was sharp and inquisitive. The drow were trying to figure out what was happening at the rock. The dwarf party left the illusion at the top of the rock and moved on. Using thier folding boat they moved between the rocks to what looked like a cursed circle.

The orc cleric tried to surprise the group but Thorin used a strange looking rod to blow the head off the cleric. The fight was on. Aaerer and Nuldar took on the the drown that were at the cursed circle. The rest moved toward the tower and the large boat that was docked behind it. The figthing saw snakes and drow archers fighting against dwarves jumping into the tower Gryant and Torbere leading the way. A bead of force collapsed the tower ceiling and one of the drow was captured in a sphere.

The rest fought and died and the drow wizardress used spider powers to rally the boat crew. Even using the heavy weapons on the boat missed as Thorin came raging on and started to put holes in the starboard side. The boat started to sink. A plume of smoke went up from the aft end of the boat and it marked the abandonment of the fight, the drow scattering into the swamp.

The party found a locked great and below a live dwarf miner that had been captured. A shrine to Lolth was best left alone. The boat erupted into green flame.

It was time to leave. Using the folding boat and very rudimentary sailing skills (the boat does not sail itself) the party managed to get out of the swamp and down the river. Returning triumphantly to the Moria under the Mountain it was to a welcoming crowd that wanted to hear all about the exploits for this adventure

Experience for each participant was 5443.

WOY - June 1
Buffalo anyone?

The dwarf band was becoming a dwarf company with figther, paladin, ranger, cleric, wizard. The Stone Guard of Moria was taking notice and it was with some anticipation that they watched for the dwarf party to return after each of its outings. Bringing back proof of dead orcs and ogres also brings with it a certain amount of attention.

A larger band of dwarfs sets out from the Gates of Moria in the Mountain of Moods. A tough band if ever there was one. The afternoon of the first day finds the dwarves well on their way. Late in the afternoon what sounded like thunder filled the hills that the group was traveling through. A look to the west and the setting sun sees a large dark blot that quickly filled the western horizon. It soon turned out to be a massive herd of buffalo that was stampeding.

The dwarf ranger quickly found a large rock outcropping that could accommodate the entire party and shelter Bill the pony. As the herd approached the sharp eyes of some of the group saw what was causing the movement of the buffalo… wolves. The herd grew closer and the party watched aa the wolves worked their pack tactics and brought down 2 buffalo. The dwarves discussed this amongst them selves and the idea of fresh buffalo meat sounded good.

The herd drew night the rock and several archers in the group let fly arrows and bolts. A buffalo went down at the back of the stampede. Within seconds 2 more wolves were on it tearing out its throat and making sure it was dead. A shouted warning to frighten off the wolves resulted in one of the wolves standing up on its hand legs and laughing at the dwarves. A quick discussion amongst the dwarves and it was decided to generously let the wolves have the prize.

The rest of the day passed and the party found a grotto to settle into for the night. At the last watch a hippogriff descended on the party as it had picked up the scent of the pony. The party quickly hailed the hippogriff, known in common as Skybeak, and talked with him at length. The hippogriff told the party that he had come across a keel boat wreck in the river that the group was heading towards. Skybeak said he would divulge the location if the party would let him dine on the pony. The dwarves quickly said yes. Skybeak dined and then laid out the location of the wreck.

Early in the morning a ankheg attacked the party but even though it came up out of the ground close to the dwarf paladin it missed and was quickly dispatched. Mid afternoon found the dwarves trudging along the riverbank and the wreck came into view. It was indeed a keel boat with no signs of anyone aboard. It was also all black.

The dwarves clambered aboard and it was obvious the boat had suffered much that caused it to wash up on this rocky shore. The hold had been shattered and many of the crates and chests were smashed and the contents strewn about. There were still 6 that were intact. Quickly the doughty dwarves retrieved them all and without pony staggered under the load away from the wreck as quickly as they could.

The rest of the day passed and a camp was set. In the first watch movement was spotted at the edge of the camp. The party was roused and the dwarf wizard saw the humanoid at the same time it spotted the dwarves. It looked like a dark elf. Spells were cast. The elf was unaffected but two dwarves quicky fell to the ground. The next round the dwarf wizard put a bolt through the elf’s mouth. Seeing the dwarves rousing quickly and being outnumbered and unable to cast spells effectively he quickly withdrew.

This gave a rise to a loud and boisterous argument amongst the dwarves. Go after the wounded dark elf or continue to Moria in the Mountain? Though the Paladin wanted to track down the dark elf and perhaps others of its kind, their number was unknown and the party was within a good 10 march of the city. Back to Moria it was with the assorted treasure.

6 chests – 3 filled with glass, 2 with metal, one with cloth and papers.
the papers were in drow and were turned over to the Stone Gaurd and temple elders.
The others contained gold and potions.

Everyone recieves 300 xp.


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