The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY 06/18/2016
Where are they now....

The adventure ends for these heroic adventurers

Dean – Bolthin dwarf 16th level cleric
Zephyr – Arer frost dwarf 15th level wizard
Jordan – Panic Elf druid 13th level
Will – Sir Walter human? 15th level knight

NPC – Edherrin elf ftr/wiz 13th level.

Here be the story of the end of the adventure for these adventurers

After a greater teleport had been deflected by wild magic to a place deep in the southern lands to the pyramids of the god kings, the final resting place of the rulers of the Dromian empire.

It is deep in a god-kings tomb underneath the immense stone sphinx. A failed attempt to enter the temple of the largest pyramid failed when the party could not get past the desert scorpions and the eye tyrant. Using its many eyes and scorpions as sword fodder, the eye tyrant made the adventurers flee from its ferocious eyes affects.

After retreating the party then decides to explore the immense stone sphinx and see if there is something hidden there. A hidden door is found between its stone paws and even though there is a dire warning inscribed on the door, it is forced open and a sand elemental is conjured forth and sent deep into the complex. There are many twists and turns and it looks like it is meant to guard the resting place of the remains of the god-kings priest.

After nothing attacks the elemental the party enters. A strange green fire springs forth from one of the wall niche and green skeletons dance in its flames.Walter tries to slash at the flames but it seems his blade simply passes through the skeletons. Arer detects magic and determines it is necromantic illusion. The illusion keeps dealing necrotic damage. Finally the elf tells the party to disbelieve the illusion and one by one the party does so and the illusion disappears. A chest is left behind and after a bit of discussion, Sir Walter approaches the chest and breaks it open.

The chest is trapped with black lotus poison and Sir Walter fails his fortitude save and immediately turns a sickly black color and collapses. His physical form then fades away and the group thinks he is taken back to the ice titan of which he is the avatar.

The party retreats out of the sphinx and waits for Sir Walter to reappear. As they wait, a desert nomad by the name of Alethia appears to the party. She discusses their situation and decides to help them search the sphinx. Many hours later a fireball appears in the sky and the avatar of Sir Walter lands in the desert. He seems changed now. The ice titan seems to have imparted more knowledge to Walter and it seems to have made him demoralized.

The party enters the sphinx labyrinth again and the second chamber entered had withered and desiccated plants. They enter and Walter hangs back and the party seems reluctant to enter the room. There are still some plants that are still active and they move to fling their thorns at the party. After rounds of combat with Alethia blasting way the thorn plants, the group destroys the last of the plants and searches, finds some items and continue.

Another chamber is entered. The floor is covered in sand and suddenly the air filled with air that reeks of the desert. The party staggers and falls one by one with Alethis and Edherrin getting out of the room.

The sand in the room was impregnated with yellow lotus which brings supernatural awareness to the senses. Each person in the party sees what is in its future. And the powers of the long dead god-kings comes to life and makes it happen.

it seems the party has never left the mind of the ice titan. The ice titans powers are only second to the supreme being of the planet Hughma and once awakened his powers are world changing. Sir Walter was completely obliterated on the throne. Once the mithril plate armor was donned and Walter sat on the throne, his essence was completely absorbed by the ice titan. There was no long any Walter. The ice titan used its power to completely absorb all of the party that was in his mind and set them to adventure in the world.

Walter is simply a manifestation of the ice titan’s power. Though Walter thinks he is real, is only what the ice titan wants him to be. The ice titan has no more use for Walter avatar and it ceases to be a projection.

Bolthin sees that the demon that he killed in the avatars mind went back to the Abyss full of hate. Unlike other creatures in the ice titan mind he had been summoned, not created. Along with loosing the demon ship to devils and plot is hatched to utterly destroy Bolthin. In rare cooperation a cabal of powerful demons manage to locate and find a way to activate a tarrasque. It was to be send after Bolthin when he achieved his next level. To prevent Bolthin from gaining any more experience, he is sent to the Dwarf Celestial house in Kazzadum and is installed as the chief priest. He will be not allowed to adventure again but to provide succor and help to those in need in the greatest dwarf city ever known.

Edhirrin had served one year term and will serve Bolthin in Kazaadum for the next 3 months until his service has been completed. He will learn of the dwarven ways and take his knowledge back to his people to create better cooperation between the two cultures.

Panic the druid also realizes that he had been targeted by the demon cabal. Having spent helping Bolthin he would also have to face the tarrasque as well. Being a druid and as a tarrasque is a violation of nature he decides to go into hiding until the time that the creature is activated. Then he will go forth to defeat it or die. He is join in this quest by the emerald dragon Face. They both settle down into lives of obscurity until that days comes.

And Arer, the dwarf that has been fire and ice, also sees that he was killed in the ice titans mind. The dragon had not been friendly but ravenous and killed Arer and ate him. The ice titan reconstructed him and as Arer was also involved with Demon Wing he is also sent back to Kazaadum to be head of the dwarf Guild of Arcane Lore. Never allowed to leave to never face the tarrasque that awaits outside the dwarven halls.

Thus this chapter is closed for the group that started out as all dwarfs and was to defeat and liberate faraway lands….

Until the next adventure… hail and fare well.

WOY 9/26/2015
What works and what doesn't

… we got curb stomped…

Dean – Bolthen dwarf Cleric 16th
Zephyr – Arer azer wizard 13th
Will – Sir Walter Hastings ice human 13th
Jordan – Face 2nd level shapeshifter

NPC – Edherin elf wiz/fighter

The adventure thus far….

Sir Walter awakens to find himself now a completely transformed into a miniature titan. A ice human. The Ice Titan echoes in his mind that Walter is the avatar of ice working for good.

Bolthen finds himself standing in the main square before the temple of Durin and the dwarf pantheon. Items now burn and stink and need to be removed which he promptly does.

Face is sitting outside of a mountain gate. He is… transformed. He is not what he was yet he is what he is. He is a force for good now.

Arer was already back at Khazadum remembering only that he had tasted the sweet kisses of the most amazing and beautiful woman that he had ever seen. She removed him from harms way and he feels he still wants to give her favor in return

Edherin found himself in an ancient primeval forest that spoke of lost elven empires and cities. He made his way back to Khazadum. it was time to discuss next steps with Bolthen.

Items and gear had become corrupted and had to be disposed of. There had to be a reckoning to return to what once was. And there is training that eats away at the time. Too soon it is time of the fall festival.

To gain an additional 1000xp have your character say Jack o’ lantern in character.

After removing items and training a mission was found it seemed a mining colony in the north was besieged by some foul fey creatures. They had destroyed the mine and dozens of miners were killed or wounded.

The party teleports to the spot and the city is in a panic. The gate has been battered and the walls were shaking almost every day. The residents wanted nothing more than to leave.

The PCs ventured outside of the main gate and was attacked by a bandersnatch. After defeating that vile creature, a jabberwocky then came burbling in the tulgy woods. The party defeated the bandersnatch but the jabberwocky proved more fearsome.

After a voilent battle, the party retreated from the battle and advised any residents that were left to leave the area.

Strong feys such as these creatures can only stay for a limited time in the prime material and after a day or two it became obvious that there was no more fey.The party returned home.

WOY 9/12/2015
... Demonwing is death....

… there can be no good when the abyss exists in the Nine Hells…

The adventure thus far…

Dean – Bolthen dwarf cleric
Zephyr – Arur azer wizard
Will – Walter titan avatar
Jordan – Face fighter shapeshifter

NPC – Edherin – elf ftr/wiz

After spending 3 days on the stern castle of the Demon wing and traveling through the Abyss, to Pandemonium and then through 5 layers of Hell, Demon comes to rest between to enormous icebergs. The wheel on the quarter deck stops moving and on the main deck on each side of the main hatch, two other hatches open and each produces a giant iron sphere that is at least 20 feet in diameter complete with port holes and a massive oval iron door.

However, Arur tests the walls finds that location spells will not move them on the top side of the ship. The other parts of the ship can only be accessed from inside.

The party descends through the hatch into the 2 cabins. The third door opens into a stone corridor and 10 more manes appear. The breath of Fece dispatches the manes but the noxious cloud is slow to dissipate.

The party goes into the side passages and manages to get the boats off the skeletons without destroying them. Transporting the boats to water groto and the party clambers into the boats and sets off. Taking the port passage finds them falling down a waterfall. Arer quickly casts feather fall. Fece shape shifts to dragon form and flies the party back up and they find the boats.

This time the starboard passage is used. The stone passage is slowly navigated with the oars until a mob of Bar-Lgura attack from a ledge above the water. Arur casts a acid fog and the party floats past. A 15 foot floating platform with a lever intrigues the party and Walter trips the lever. Load grinding noises are heard and from out of the water arises a huge demon with bull features.

The party launches into attack mode and the demon lashes out and stomps. His fists smash Walter into a bloody pulp and his stomp creates a reverberating earthquake that destroys the boats and causes the water to swell back and forth.

The remaining party members try to force there way through a door and then knocks on it. It opens and the PCs are dragged through the door into the arms of Lilitus. Arur and Edherin fail their saves against the wills of the demons and begin to do their bidding.

Bolthen and Face fight the Lilitus and force the demons back into another room and out of reach of the Groristro. Enough damage was done that they flee and take Arur and Edherin with them. And since the Lilitus don’t want any of the PCs on the ship, they send them back to Khazadum.

Face and Bolthen try to explore, find a cambion that hits them with a force wand but is quickly killed by Face’s breath weapon.

The grate that the cambion was behind is merely rooms that house guests of Stroath and Demonwing. The rooms are empty.

Face and Bolthen prop the grate closed and hole up in one of the guest rooms. But alas, this is a ship. And the crew knows exactly where Fece and Bolthin are. And they can teleport at will inside their own ship. That means that there is still 6 Bar-Lgura, 2 Lilitues and a Goristro that can teleport inside the guest chambers and fight at will. There will be no rest, no regaining of spells. The demons will come in, fight for a round or two and then teleport out. There is no connection with any other realm from here other than with a plane shift or a gate spells.

After Face and Bolthen realized this is simply a death trap a vision appears before Bolthen.. a miracle can do amazing things… Bolthen sees Kilea appear before him… My servant, My son, there will be no rest here for you. Even if you managed to get back out into the main area of the ship the next section is guarded by a Forbiddence spell and you are far below the level of the caster of the spell. There is no need to stay here. As owner of the Demonwing you can always summon it again… With this small window of opportunity I can do two things. Bring you back to the temple in Khazadum and I can seal the Temple of Nehoed for a year and a day against any further hellish attacks. That will give you time… accept and return… or stay and decide your own fate.

What will it be?

Notes – Will, it does take a full week of game time to reform you. The Titan does have other things on his mind… or in it.

You will no longer have any Templar abilities at all. You are now a full avatar. I will send new stats for your human form.

Back to Demonwing – The dwarf woman of compassion and hearth and home smiles and nods. Another vision to Bolthen and Face of a bubble of pure good surrounds the temple that shows signs of being torn asunder. For a moment, all the hellish attacks cease and the Temple dedicated to human and dwarf relations seems pure white and unblemished.

Then the fury of hell redoubles and though the sphere easily withstands the attacks, it becomes tarnished and it is obvious it will not last more than what Kilea has spoken.

She then turns her attention to Bolthen. She says it will be brief and waves her hand. The color and then life drains from Bolthen and he slumps to the ground … and then vanishes. And he then instantly appears next to Kelea. He has been killed but all the power of the abyss and hell cannot stop a soul shriven from its mortal coil to rise to its final resting place to face its goddess. The vision of Kelea flickers and she speaks to Face in a soothing voice. I cannot maintain this link any longer. Face, you can come with me. Forbiddence will stop your plane shift. You won’t be able to ascend. Join me and you will be unique to your kind…

Face, you have but a moment to respond…

Kelea smiles again and the same happens to Face. Stiffness, weakness, collapse and then death but not before Face was outlined in golden light…

Bolthen and Face are now in the presence of Kilea. She says to each in a melody of voices that includes all the female aspects of dwarven kind. Immense joy and immense sadness resonates through her voice and moves both Bolthen and Face to joy and sadness.

Bolthen, you are much beloved and respected here and your actions are closely watched… the only way to remove you from that death trap was to destroy your mortal shell and then bring you to me. The same thing resonates to Face as well. you will both be reborn and sent back to the prime material plane. you will both be as you were but anew in age. All will be the same except you will are now of the type ‘Celestial’. As you continue to advance in levels you will start to gain celestial benefits. Now it is time for you to return as any longer would make your stay here permanent. Kilea looks at Face… and says perhaps you should use the name Tianshang…. celestial dragon…

The vision fades and Bolthen finds himself standing before the edifice of the temple of Durin in Khazadum and Tianshang Face is standing just outside the gates to Khazadum….

Experience -

Bolthen – 5000
Face – 4000
Walter – 6000
Arur – 4000

WOY 12/20/2014
A long journey to the elemental planes

Can we truly be on a plane of water?

Dean – Bolthen Dwarf Cleric 14
Zephyr – Arer Azer Wizard 12
Will – Frost Human Knight 10
Jordan – Panic Azer Magma Druid

NPC – Ederherin Sindar Elf 6th Ftr / 7th Wiz
NPC – Alik Dwarf Paladin 13

The adventure thus far:

After testing themselves in fire and ice, the party has changed to become both fire beings and frost beings. The world has changed….

Using a Midden-guard craft that was designed for travel in the near and outer planes, the party spoke to a being on the fire and water elemental planes to gather items for their devices.

After returning the party ended in the middle of an ocean and nearly encountered a watery grave. However a dragon spotted them and after much mirth sent the party on its way.

After returning to Iron home a way was determined to contact the Elemental plane of Earth and another trade was made.

Experience for each – 3587 each.

aye laddies, this be the way to go

Civilization is like a thin layer of ice upon a deep ocean of chaos and darkness.
Werner Herzog

Is anyone using the giant slaying sword? Since there was 7 weeks after finding it, Alik would like to claim it and turn it into an Axe of Giant slaying

Dean – Bolthin Dwarf Cleric 14th
Zephyr – Arer Dwarf Wizard 12th
Jordan – Panic Half Orc Druid 11th
Paul – Hellrin Dwarf Barbarian 10th

NPC – Ederhrin Elf Ftr 6 Wiz7
NPC – Alik Dwarf Paladin 13th

The adventure thus far:

The seven weeks spent while Bolthin trained were passed within Iron Home. Though winter was approaching, it was the shift of season and not unearthly magic. A master forge smith arrived from Thunder Mountain clan and quickly got the magical furnaces going again. There were several weapon smiths that had come back to Iron Home. Soon the halls of Iron Home were ringing with the regular sounds of black smithing and mining and arms and armor making. Alik makes a request of the master smiths and work begins on a Dwarven Axe of Giant slaying.

The time passes quickly and snows arrive. It was time to return to the Glacial Rift. With map in hand and Hellrin agreeing to join the party again, the adventurers gathered and teleported back to menhirs. The wind and snow never seems to stop here and the party trudges to the entrance to rift. Wary of the ice pillar they descend on ropes and find their way down into the rift. There is still problems with the stairs as some slide and fall but the party manages to to make it to the ice ledge relatively in tact.

Deciding to still take the western wall of the rift, the party ignores the waiting rooms of the giants that are to be sent forth and look for the last entrance into the ice caves. This time the group decides to be careful and send invisible Edeherin forward to scout. He finds some empty rooms and one that had stone giants and fire giants that seemed to be waiting.

Another passage was found that led down and further south. Scouting ahead Edherin finds a large room where 5 frost giants are watching north and east. The party carefully prepares spells and plans and then springs it upon the frost giants. The plan goes well and within 2 rounds, all the giants are dead. Following the passage way to the east it has another opening to the south that leads down…

Each member of the above party gets 1,000 xp.

Treasure –
Coins 1530 gp
Aquamarine (400 gp)
Moonstone (40 gp)

Art Objects
Brass Chain set with Freshwater Pearl (300 gp)
Carved Wooden Staff studded with Bronze (600 gp)

Magic Items
Potion of Reduce Person (250 gp)
Potion of Fire breath

...lads, we need to find another way

Sure we can take on 20 frost giants again

Dean – Bolthin Dwarf Cleric 14th
Zephyr – Arer Dwarf Wizard 12th
Jordan – Panic Half Orc Druid 11th
Paul – Gimble Gnome Wizard 10th

NPC – Edeherin Grey Elf Ftr 6 / Wiz 7
NPC – Alik Dwarf Paladin 13

The adventure thus far:

The adventurers pass the time in Iron Home while training takes place for those that have advanced. The King of Iron Home delivers a letter to the adventurers that for taking advantage of home and hearth in Iron Home, the King requires the adventurers to free the prisoners from the frost giants and fire giants. Those that have been driven from Iron home will be returned.

The party explores the surrounding area. During the seven weeks of training there is a steady stream of iron dwarves that come to Iron. Frost dwarfs, mountain dwarfs, hill dwarfs all make there way back to Iron Home.

The adventurers gather themselves and teleport back to the glacier. Instead of the one menhir there are now three. The entrance to the glacial rift is an hour march to the north. The party trudges on in the blowing snow. Even with Endure elements cast on each adventurer the deep snow and ice makes everything feel cold.

The entrance is found by a large blue ice pillar that glows. The party gets withing 60 feet and a lightning bolt flashes out and strikes Arer. Bolthin heals Arer and the party skirts around the ice pillar and starts the descent into rift. Snow and ice and steep slopes and giant steps is tricky and Bolthin and Alik loose their footing and slide off the steps. Alik is caught before sliding off. The party finds the steps to the bottom and rejoin with Bolthin.

After some looking around the party pushes open a large boulder. The ice cave has two branches. The main one leads to a storage area with frozen sides of meat including humanoid. With nothing else to be found, the party goes to the other branch. And right into a cave with 4 frost giants waiting for them.

The battle begins, fireballs and melted ice and fog. The battle surges back and forth and after fending off some of the giants the party tries to go back to the ice ledge. An ice golem attacks and lumbers into the party swinging huge ice fists. It is slowly whittled down and destroyed. An ice elemental comes up from behind the party and attacks. Gimble tries to fend it off but it is overpowering. Bolthin then returns and banishes the elemental.

Trying to get out at the passage more frost giants show up. More battle and then cone of colds cuts through the mist of more fireballs. A wind starts to whip through the first cave. Then a ice creature that looks like a woman shows up casting spells.

Gimble tries to get out onto the ledge to assail the attackers but is hit and swept off the ledge. He feather falls to the bottom. More battle and Gimble tries to dimension door back to the party but misses and ends up in the middle of frost giants that quickly dispatch him.

Frost giants the ice weird close in from all sides and the party decides to depart

Back in Iron Home, the adventurers proclaim that 8 more frost giants have been slain along with an ice golem and ice elemental.

Each party member receives 1,800 experience.

WOY 9/20/2014
... I have a bad feelilng about this...

Blizzard – 30 feet of visibility with 35 mph winds

Dean – Bolthin Dwarf Cleric 13th
Zephyr – Arer Dwarf Wizard 11th
Will – Nodem Human Ranger 11th
jordan – Panic Half orc Druid 11th
Paul – Gimble gnome wizrd 10th
Steve – Thoromir dwarf ranger 10th

NPC – Alik Dwarf Paladin 13th
NPC – Ederherin Sindarin Elf 6th Fighter 7th Wizard

Experience for each of the above – 1100 xp each

ADVENTURE NOTE: Fire Elementals are summoned from the Elemental plane of fire. They have cold vulnerability. They would take cold damage. And they can’t cross water, including ice.

ADVENTURE NOTE: The dwarves that were prisoners says there are many more prisoners of the frost giants. This frost giant lair includes their own spell casters and have ice constructs and other fell ice creatures at their disposal. Tread very carefully.

ADVENTURE NOTE: The boots are boots of the Winterlands. They changed as soon as the party left the Rift.

The Adventure thus far:

The adventurers come out of the rope trick to the same swirling snow that they had left behind. Perhaps 50 feet away there was sounds of metal and talking. The adventurers find a ice dome that the rhemorhaz had as their nest. Those inside, hear the party outside and look out. And thus the adventurers find Gimble and Thoromir that had been held capitive by the polar worms.

They had come across a sword and a ring left by a not so fortunate adventure whole bones looked cracked and split and the rest had been feasted on by the polar worms. Following the wall of the rift the party runs into a pack of winter wolves that was mostly dispatched by a fireball and few missile weapons.

A boulder from above came down and hit Nodem on the head and the party knew it had been discovered. They quickly moved out and no more boulders came their way. They stopped to search an alcove and another boulder narrowly missed a party member. The party moved on.

Deciding not to trek out into the middle of the white out conditions in the center of the Rift, the party heads back up the ledge that lead them down in the first place. Navigating a particularly difficult giant step. Bolthin lost his footing as did Alik and though Noden was able to stop Alik from going over, Bolthin was unable to be stopped and fell hundred feet back to the bottom. He took damage but survived.

Not having attracted the attention of any of the frost giants that where on the look out, the party made it all the back up to the main ledge. The party boldly entered an ice cave marching deep inside without sending anyone ahead or even listening. The eerie green light from above filtered into the cave but the ice floor still made walking treacherous.

The party rounded a corner and ran into four frost giants that seemed to be waiting for them. Melee erupted and fireballs, scorching rays, acid fogs ice boulders, flew across the cavern and more frost giants poured into the cavern. Four giants succumbed to the combined fireballs, lighting bolt and scorching ray and acid fog attack but in the process Noden fell mortally wounded by an ice axe. The party came to the realization that they were surrounded and trapped in the cavern.

A plan was quickly devised with the use of a portable hole and Arer transported the party back to Iron Home. Nodem as reincarnated and came back as a snow elf and decided to retire from active adventuring and be a ranger for the Iron Dwarves.

The party trains and rests…
Bolthin goes up to 14th level and spends 7 weeks training. There is a cleric of Durin Aule that has come to re-establish the temple in Iron Home.

Treasure -

Bastard sword +3 Frost Giant slaying
Empty ring of 3 wishes
2316 gp in a giant bag

Several pieces of parchment that indicated that this group of 18 frost giants was to go on a raid into the neighboring kingdom that wasn’t controlled by the giants.

WOY 9/6/2014
It is SO COLD here

“Ice burns, and it is hard to the warm-skinned to distinguish one sensation, fire, from the other, frost.” ― A.S. Byatt

Dean – Bolthin Dwarf Cleric 13th
Zephyr – Arer Dwarf Wizard 11th
Jordan – Panic, human druid 11th
Will – Nodem human ranger 11th

NPC – Edherin Sindar Elf ftr 6 / wiz 7
NPC – Alik Dwarf Paladin 13th

Experience for the above listed characters – 1675xp each

ADVENTURING NOTE: ruling on Fire Elemental in ice cave
ADVENTURING NOTE: Iron Home dwarves have lots of information about frost giants.
ADVENTURING NOTE: A creature protected by endure elements suffers no harm from being in a hot or cold environment. It can exist comfortably in conditions between -50 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit without having to make Fortitude saves). The creature’s equipment is likewise protected.

Endure elements doesn’t provide any protection from fire or cold damage, nor does it protect against other environmental hazards such as smoke, lack of air, and so forth. such as slippery floors and white out conditions.

The adventure thus far:
Stepping into the metal loops of the strange metal and muttering the words there is a wrenching of time and space and one almost feels as is every bit of being is torn from oneself a small bit at a time.

The adventurers find themselves on a windswept and deep snow ridge that is surrounded by forbidding mountain peaks. All is white here and the ground is deep with snow and the wind howls and swirls around each character seeking to enter any crack to rob the person of warmth.

The temperature is 0 degrees here at the rift and the visibility is 150 feet at best. The wind gusts to over 30 mph and ground is treacherous covered in deep snow and ice. Caves and caverns will have ceilings from twenty five to forty five feet, while tunnels and passages will be from twenty to thirty feet high.

It is in the cold forbidding area that the adventurers arrive. A search is initiated and a cave about 100 yards from the frost road is found that shelters from the wind and seems to be warmed from the internal fires of the mountain. It is covered in dust and some moldering pieces of leather and wood. Maybe 20 or 30 years ago someone or used this cave but no one since.

After examining the cave the party sets out to find more of the local area as the map that was retrieved from the Steading shows it is near. Stepping outside into the howling winding and snow, the party starts to advance when the ground starts shaking and a below of a horn is heard cutting through the sound of the wind.

It is 2 frost giant tundra scouts leading woolly mammoths up the snow ridge to the Rift. Even in the blizzard conditions, each party sees the other and the battle commences. The blowing snow and treacherous footing makes it hard for the party but Bolthin and Ehderin and Arer unleash holy flame and fire balls that cause huge burns to giant and creature alike. Alik tosses his hammer to good effect and each giant scout dies in his saddle and the mammoths go beserk and either die from wounds or falling off the ridge down hundreds of feet of the mountain side.

Then the party recovers a bit then proceeds to slowly go down the steps and ledges of the western wall of the Rift. A opening in the ice wall is a cave. Stepping from the wind and snow into the stillness of the of the ice cave The first cave entered was occupied by yeti. The party confronted them and killed them all even though the biggest one had blue cold longsword that it tried to use. Treasure was found and taken. The party continues.

A cave full of mist was passed. Another cave seemed to have giant cats in lair and the party passed on that one. There was another down leading set of steps and the party went deeper into the crevasse. The wind increased and the snow was blowing and falling making visibility even harder.

After struggling down the incline and jumping down giant sized steps, the bottom was reached but visibility is at best 30 feet here and if anything the wind blows even more fierce.. Slowly making there way the party is ambused by 2 Rhemorahzs the proceed to swallow two of the party. Noden and the druid. The rest of the party manages to kill the beasts before they are consumed by the digestive process.

The party decides that a magic rope trick won’t be noticed here amongst the deep snow, howling wind and rocks. The party rests for the day by casting a Rope trick spell. Even though the party is able to rest, several times during the night the space shakes…

Treasure thus far:

11 ivory tusks, each weigh 500 pnds worth 800 gp (thats 5,500 pounds of stuff.)

Longsword Frost brand +3
Boots of the Winterlands (yes, the boots changed once the party leaves the Rift)

WOY 8/23/2014
But not as old as the mountains

Iron Home rejoices

Dean – Bolthin Dwarf Cleric Kelea worshipper 13th
Zephyr – Arer Dwarf Wizard 11th
Will – Noden Human Ranger 11th
Jordan – Panic Human Druid 11th

NPC – Alik Dwarf Paladin 13th
NPC – Wilson Beholder

Experience for the above characters – 2350xp each

After recovering from fighting with a Jotunheim hill giant and Mokmurians General stone giant,
the party raises the dead, heals the wounded and trains as needed.

Helrin decides that he has had enough of the adventuring life and decides to stay at Iron Home. He will defend his kith and kin for the rest of his life.

Panic decides to call for an animal familiar and though successful, it meets a wandering beholder as it answers Panic’s call. It quickly became a tasty snack for the beholder which decided to see where the creature was going.

Wilson (as he became to be known) found a human druid in a pose of mediation and being very inquisitive, decides to ask him why he is here before eating him.

Panic responds that he is happy to have such a familiar and is rejoicing at the gods that gave him such a creature. Wilson, not taking to kindly to being called a familiar, charms the druid and makes him his pet. The druid tells Wilson that there are other adventurers and that perhaps he would like to meet them. Always happy to have free food, Wilson tells the druid to lead on.

A beholder that approaches the gates to Iron Home is not exaclty a happy sight and is greeted with alarm horns and bells and calls to arm the defensive works and weapon. Panic calls for soothing and peace and explains that this is his new familiar. Wilson blinks his eye and replaces the word with pet of the beholder and bears no one any harm.

Having a non attacking beholder as an asset, the party quickly comes up with a plan to assail the Hill Giants Steading using the surrounding mountains as cover to their approach and then Wilson’s disintegrate to cover the last two miles. it takes a few days of travel and then the final approach is used. Wilson uses his disintegrate to bore straight through the solid bed rock and comes out not more than a few hundred yards north of the Steading.

Unbeknownst to the adventurers, it has been well over a year since there had been any threat to the Steading (some strange wizard that popped into the middle of the dining hall and seemed to want to die) and an incident with barrels full of lamp oil which cause a slight singing to the watch tower, the giants weren’t especially vigilant. The watch tower faced south to where the lowlands are and the giant in the watch tower was peacefully asleep having had 2 kegs of elf brandy.

The adventurers decided that any prisoners would be beneath the Steading and so Wilson uses his disintegrate to bore at an angle and down into the earth. An hour or two is all it took to open a hole into the caverns. All that welcomed them was a pack of wolves that Panic, the druid, quickly calmed and had them stay.

Exploring the caves finally came across a large square cavern and there seemed to be stairs going up and several exits. One was a large wooden door made for a giant and the other was a steel door with the look of a prison. A couple of bugbears were silently dispatched and the steel door removed via Wilson. it was indeed prisons and the few bug bear guards were silenced. The prisoners inside were an insane merchant, a stone mason, an elf warrior mage and orcs. The prisoners told the adventurers that a halfling druid and a elven blade warrior had been transferred to the frost giants a few months ago. Ellisander thanked Bolthin for his release and pledged his service to Bolthin for a year.

it turned out that the orcs themselves are split in service to the hill giants. The harshness of serving in the Steading has turned many into open rebellion. The prisoner orcs knew the layout of the caverns and the adventurers agreed to release the orc rebels in exchange for the complete layout. The orcs didn’t know everything but could guess where Chieftain kept his most wealth.

Over 200 orcs are released and the rebels were turned loose. A few more giants and bugbear guards are killed and then the hunt is on for the treasure. After a few more disintegrates, a few manticores killed that were blocking the route to the treasure, the Chieftains hoard was found. include a diamond that was the size of a humans head. All the other treasure was gathered up and Bolthin lifted the huge diamond. An immediate roar and rumble was heard from above and from the stairs was heard giantish shouting.

Above the din of battle and the crack of thunder as lighting bolt and breath was flung about was the dragon words “WHERE IS IT”. A few giantish whimpers of I don’t know were followed by more lighting and stomping and sounds of huge logs being split asunder. The adventures argue a moment on how to proceed but best decide to leave as they had entered.

Getting the service the last of the orcs could be seen running into the forest and hills and the lurid gleam of a smashed Steading partly in flames with a colossal blue dragon, Xaphirexleihesgrm, with wings spread wide and claws and tail hitting everything in sight. Bolthin advanced and caught the dragons attention.

“I have what you seek, as for our pact that was made on the Throne of Gods, this is the diamond you seek.” Xaph leaps over to the party and bends his head down. “little one, you have indeed fulfilled our bargain. in return I won’t kill you or little bretherine for even thinking of taking My diamond else where. For that you don’t die. if we meet again, you will see your end.” Xaph takes the diamond and leaps and his wings beating the air into submission as he quickly gains height and soars into the night sky, the burning steading light flashing on his blue scales.

In among the treasure there were several written scrolls and a very long jet necklace with instructions on its use. As the party didn’t sustain any real hurt or wound, it was decided to lay the necklace on the ground and invoke it.

The party appears on a frozen snow ridge with mountains all around and nothing but a rock dolor ahead of them… the necklace is no where to be seen.

The following treasure was recovered from the Steading:

5 Azurite gems 500 each, 4 Malachite pieces, 100gp each
400 gp
31 Jasper pieces 10gp each
Gold necklace with fire opal 2000 gp
27 copper ingots 400cp each
11 ivory tusks 1000gp each
41 sapphire chips 100 gp each
13 ruby chips 500gp each
8 diamonds worth 1000gp each
17 turquoise and gold necklaces worth 100gp each
Obsidian box containing strange black metal necklace
scroll tube with map to Glacial Rift

earthen ware jug 4 potions of water breathing
Giant chain shirt
+3 BattleAxe
Potion of Poison
2 intelligent flaming swords that belong to Elissand

WOY 8/9/2014
they might be giants

Is Jotunheim spelled with a Jot?

Gabriel – Eliisand Elf Ranger 9th
Dean – Bolthin Dwarf Cleric/Favored Soul 13th
Zephyr – Arer Dwarf Wizard 11th
Charlie – Helrin Dwarf Barbarian 11th
Will – Nodun Human Ranger 11th
Jordan – Human Druid 11th

Experience for each of the above 1250xp

After completing the downfall of Jorgunfist, the party made its way to the surface and tried to make sense of the library that had been found deep in the caverns.

The language was to exotic and was not understood and it was decided see if there was anything else in the area.

The party was scouting the area after checking with the dwarves of Iron Home and came back to the deserted remains of Jorgun fist.

As the party decided where to head a brutish hill giant appeared from the ground along with a well equipped stone giant.

The hill giant screamed in rage at the party and seemed to swim at them through the earth while the stone giant prepared boulders to throw.

The melee that erupted was short and brutal. Took down several party members and it seemed all would perish. Bolthin pleaded for divine intervention. Kelea saw one of her favored clerics being crushed by a Jotunheim giant and granted Bolthin a godly boon.

Bolthin wished all dwarves to go to Iron Home. Half the party was whisked to the recently reestablished Iron home and the rest of the party then was messaged on where to find them. It was beast to leave these viscous brutes and continue with the quest.

Iron Home now consists of 300 dwarves that were returned with Bolthin god boon and Bolthin receives another 1000xp. Those that had been slain were returned to life. The adventuring party would set forth again.


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