The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY 06/18/2016

Where are they now....

The adventure ends for these heroic adventurers

Dean – Bolthin dwarf 16th level cleric
Zephyr – Arer frost dwarf 15th level wizard
Jordan – Panic Elf druid 13th level
Will – Sir Walter human? 15th level knight

NPC – Edherrin elf ftr/wiz 13th level.

Here be the story of the end of the adventure for these adventurers

After a greater teleport had been deflected by wild magic to a place deep in the southern lands to the pyramids of the god kings, the final resting place of the rulers of the Dromian empire.

It is deep in a god-kings tomb underneath the immense stone sphinx. A failed attempt to enter the temple of the largest pyramid failed when the party could not get past the desert scorpions and the eye tyrant. Using its many eyes and scorpions as sword fodder, the eye tyrant made the adventurers flee from its ferocious eyes affects.

After retreating the party then decides to explore the immense stone sphinx and see if there is something hidden there. A hidden door is found between its stone paws and even though there is a dire warning inscribed on the door, it is forced open and a sand elemental is conjured forth and sent deep into the complex. There are many twists and turns and it looks like it is meant to guard the resting place of the remains of the god-kings priest.

After nothing attacks the elemental the party enters. A strange green fire springs forth from one of the wall niche and green skeletons dance in its flames.Walter tries to slash at the flames but it seems his blade simply passes through the skeletons. Arer detects magic and determines it is necromantic illusion. The illusion keeps dealing necrotic damage. Finally the elf tells the party to disbelieve the illusion and one by one the party does so and the illusion disappears. A chest is left behind and after a bit of discussion, Sir Walter approaches the chest and breaks it open.

The chest is trapped with black lotus poison and Sir Walter fails his fortitude save and immediately turns a sickly black color and collapses. His physical form then fades away and the group thinks he is taken back to the ice titan of which he is the avatar.

The party retreats out of the sphinx and waits for Sir Walter to reappear. As they wait, a desert nomad by the name of Alethia appears to the party. She discusses their situation and decides to help them search the sphinx. Many hours later a fireball appears in the sky and the avatar of Sir Walter lands in the desert. He seems changed now. The ice titan seems to have imparted more knowledge to Walter and it seems to have made him demoralized.

The party enters the sphinx labyrinth again and the second chamber entered had withered and desiccated plants. They enter and Walter hangs back and the party seems reluctant to enter the room. There are still some plants that are still active and they move to fling their thorns at the party. After rounds of combat with Alethia blasting way the thorn plants, the group destroys the last of the plants and searches, finds some items and continue.

Another chamber is entered. The floor is covered in sand and suddenly the air filled with air that reeks of the desert. The party staggers and falls one by one with Alethis and Edherrin getting out of the room.

The sand in the room was impregnated with yellow lotus which brings supernatural awareness to the senses. Each person in the party sees what is in its future. And the powers of the long dead god-kings comes to life and makes it happen.

it seems the party has never left the mind of the ice titan. The ice titans powers are only second to the supreme being of the planet Hughma and once awakened his powers are world changing. Sir Walter was completely obliterated on the throne. Once the mithril plate armor was donned and Walter sat on the throne, his essence was completely absorbed by the ice titan. There was no long any Walter. The ice titan used its power to completely absorb all of the party that was in his mind and set them to adventure in the world.

Walter is simply a manifestation of the ice titan’s power. Though Walter thinks he is real, is only what the ice titan wants him to be. The ice titan has no more use for Walter avatar and it ceases to be a projection.

Bolthin sees that the demon that he killed in the avatars mind went back to the Abyss full of hate. Unlike other creatures in the ice titan mind he had been summoned, not created. Along with loosing the demon ship to devils and plot is hatched to utterly destroy Bolthin. In rare cooperation a cabal of powerful demons manage to locate and find a way to activate a tarrasque. It was to be send after Bolthin when he achieved his next level. To prevent Bolthin from gaining any more experience, he is sent to the Dwarf Celestial house in Kazzadum and is installed as the chief priest. He will be not allowed to adventure again but to provide succor and help to those in need in the greatest dwarf city ever known.

Edhirrin had served one year term and will serve Bolthin in Kazaadum for the next 3 months until his service has been completed. He will learn of the dwarven ways and take his knowledge back to his people to create better cooperation between the two cultures.

Panic the druid also realizes that he had been targeted by the demon cabal. Having spent helping Bolthin he would also have to face the tarrasque as well. Being a druid and as a tarrasque is a violation of nature he decides to go into hiding until the time that the creature is activated. Then he will go forth to defeat it or die. He is join in this quest by the emerald dragon Face. They both settle down into lives of obscurity until that days comes.

And Arer, the dwarf that has been fire and ice, also sees that he was killed in the ice titans mind. The dragon had not been friendly but ravenous and killed Arer and ate him. The ice titan reconstructed him and as Arer was also involved with Demon Wing he is also sent back to Kazaadum to be head of the dwarf Guild of Arcane Lore. Never allowed to leave to never face the tarrasque that awaits outside the dwarven halls.

Thus this chapter is closed for the group that started out as all dwarfs and was to defeat and liberate faraway lands….

Until the next adventure… hail and fare well.



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