The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY 9/26/2015

What works and what doesn't

… we got curb stomped…

Dean – Bolthen dwarf Cleric 16th
Zephyr – Arer azer wizard 13th
Will – Sir Walter Hastings ice human 13th
Jordan – Face 2nd level shapeshifter

NPC – Edherin elf wiz/fighter

The adventure thus far….

Sir Walter awakens to find himself now a completely transformed into a miniature titan. A ice human. The Ice Titan echoes in his mind that Walter is the avatar of ice working for good.

Bolthen finds himself standing in the main square before the temple of Durin and the dwarf pantheon. Items now burn and stink and need to be removed which he promptly does.

Face is sitting outside of a mountain gate. He is… transformed. He is not what he was yet he is what he is. He is a force for good now.

Arer was already back at Khazadum remembering only that he had tasted the sweet kisses of the most amazing and beautiful woman that he had ever seen. She removed him from harms way and he feels he still wants to give her favor in return

Edherin found himself in an ancient primeval forest that spoke of lost elven empires and cities. He made his way back to Khazadum. it was time to discuss next steps with Bolthen.

Items and gear had become corrupted and had to be disposed of. There had to be a reckoning to return to what once was. And there is training that eats away at the time. Too soon it is time of the fall festival.

To gain an additional 1000xp have your character say Jack o’ lantern in character.

After removing items and training a mission was found it seemed a mining colony in the north was besieged by some foul fey creatures. They had destroyed the mine and dozens of miners were killed or wounded.

The party teleports to the spot and the city is in a panic. The gate has been battered and the walls were shaking almost every day. The residents wanted nothing more than to leave.

The PCs ventured outside of the main gate and was attacked by a bandersnatch. After defeating that vile creature, a jabberwocky then came burbling in the tulgy woods. The party defeated the bandersnatch but the jabberwocky proved more fearsome.

After a voilent battle, the party retreated from the battle and advised any residents that were left to leave the area.

Strong feys such as these creatures can only stay for a limited time in the prime material and after a day or two it became obvious that there was no more fey.The party returned home.



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