The World of Yaundae 3.5

WOY - June 8, 15, 22

Was there a swamp thing?

After returning to Moria in the Moody Mountain, the party decided that it was time to pierce the heart of the swamp and find the Drow Outpost and defeat this place of evil.

The party set out with two mules in tow. The first day and night passed without any problems. The next day at mid morning a large troop of bugbears ran into the dwarf party and the fight was on. The dwarfs formed a battle line and soon the bugbears were going down left and right. A few tried to escape but were taken down. There could be no one that would be left to forewarn anyone in the swamp.

The next morning as the party set out a giant behir sprung up and tried to attach the party. Thorin acting fast charged forward and then with one mighty blow from his axe sliced clean through the behir’s neck and body and head went in different directions. Opening the foul beast up and inside there was assorted goods as it was obvious that the behir had prowled the trade routes before loosing its head.

The swamp was reached at night fall. The evening full of strange sounds and sights passed without any issue. The next morning there was over cast over the swamp. The dwarves girded their loins and started into the swamp.

The strangely twisted trees, the smell of things rotting, strange lights seen in the misty distance all proved to be unsettling. Soon after entering there was an eerie wail and two wraiths came swooping down the trail. Bolthin quickly banished them in the name of Kelea and the party proceeded down the path.

A little later a hydra pushed itself up out of the swamp and attack. Though 5 headed Torbere and Nuldar and Gryant quickly took it down dispatching its body back to the swamp from where it had slithered out of.

The mist and over cast made for gloom and dim lights off in the distance still made the dwarves all feel uneasy. A strange swooshing sound and two stone gargoyles came winging down the path. Even tough and viscous they were again quickly dispatched by the warriors in the group.

Then came the Orcs. An ambush with an orc cleric and druid and archers. Shooting thier cruel orc arrows they scored a few hits but both Nordal and Aarer traded shots and the warriors dispatched the ones that were knocked out the trees by sleep. The cleric and druid hastily withdrew on carefully prepared paths.

Continueing down the path and wights sprang forth and managed to touch Nuldar but again were quickly sent away by the turning of Bolthin. Kelea was watching over her cleric. The things encountered and fights had taken its toll from the party. The party managed to find a relative safe dry spot and settled for the night. During the first watch a goblin weighed down beyond measure with equipment and bags appeared at the fire warming himself with his flame red hound next to him.

Introducing himself as Krik, he traded with the party and created a never ending bottle of dwarven ale for Torbere. Some other items traded and then Krik provided some information about the drow that were up ahead. The morning was over cast and threatened rain. The mist was thick and the party felt they were close to the river. The land became more soggy and the trail was hardly there.

Then out of the mists loomed large jutting pieces of rock amongst the swamp trees and brackish water. Coming close to the first one an ogre peered over the edge and asked what business the dwarves had there. A quick spell from Aarer and there was an Ogre offering strong drink to the ogre. He quickly reached down and took the drink and quickly fell to the ground, the drink was too much.

Several more ogres showed up trying to figure out what happened. The same fate met each one as the drink was too much. As the party discussed and used spells to try and get an advanctage, drow speech rang out and it was sharp and inquisitive. The drow were trying to figure out what was happening at the rock. The dwarf party left the illusion at the top of the rock and moved on. Using thier folding boat they moved between the rocks to what looked like a cursed circle.

The orc cleric tried to surprise the group but Thorin used a strange looking rod to blow the head off the cleric. The fight was on. Aaerer and Nuldar took on the the drown that were at the cursed circle. The rest moved toward the tower and the large boat that was docked behind it. The figthing saw snakes and drow archers fighting against dwarves jumping into the tower Gryant and Torbere leading the way. A bead of force collapsed the tower ceiling and one of the drow was captured in a sphere.

The rest fought and died and the drow wizardress used spider powers to rally the boat crew. Even using the heavy weapons on the boat missed as Thorin came raging on and started to put holes in the starboard side. The boat started to sink. A plume of smoke went up from the aft end of the boat and it marked the abandonment of the fight, the drow scattering into the swamp.

The party found a locked great and below a live dwarf miner that had been captured. A shrine to Lolth was best left alone. The boat erupted into green flame.

It was time to leave. Using the folding boat and very rudimentary sailing skills (the boat does not sail itself) the party managed to get out of the swamp and down the river. Returning triumphantly to the Moria under the Mountain it was to a welcoming crowd that wanted to hear all about the exploits for this adventure

Experience for each participant was 5443.


May the spatula of purity scramble the eggs of their malfeasance!

WOY - June 8, 15, 22

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